My EASY Pinterest window frame frame

One of my first boards when I joined Pinterest was my To Try board. Nothing hard, just things that I never would have thought to make on my own. My favorite kind of crafts are ones that require little to no effort on my part and still come out looking really nice. I wish I had the time, energy and patience to learn to sew or knit, but right now I am just not that interested. So when I made my To Try board I didn't want to add anything that I wouldn't be able to actually make. Only things I could handle.

Like this:

and this:

and even this:

and finally this one, which has always been one of my favorites:

So over the summer I made something similar to this with an old wooden frame that I found on Craig's List for free with the paint chipped perfectly. I wrapped some jute around it and left it hanging with nothing on it for awhile. Last week I moved it to the dining room, added some of my favorite pictures and now I love it even more.

Wanna see????

It was nice and easy and its a different alternative than a typical picture frame plus you can easily change and add pictures whenever you want.
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Happy weekend!!


  1. Excellent idea and the result is great! Well done :)

  2. oh wow! i love it! it looks so good! you did a great job recreating it!

  3. I love this idea! I would love for you to come share this at my first ever linky party today!