Presidents Day.... sighhh Presidents Day

In an attempt to make a healthy snack this evening I attempted to make a cupcake in a mug. Let me just say that if I continue to make disgusting desserts like that I will lose the 4lbs I gained yesterday in no time. Nasty.

Besides eating half of a disgusting mug cake on this Presidents Day, Michael and I spent the entire day taking things away from Blake every time he peed his pants. Sometimes I'm hesitant to share things because I know one day if they care enough to, my kids could go back and read this. So please let me just say this to my future Blake.

I love you so much today(in the present) and I am sure I love you even more now
 (in the future, if that's even possible)
I have to share the good and the bad now so we will always remember what we went though.
I am so happy you are potty trained now.... I love you Stink.

Okay back to today. I don't know how many more times I can let him pee his pants before I lose my shit. You should see the top of our fridge right now. It looks like Toys R Us because of all the toys we have taken away. He hasn't been able to play any sort of video game in like 5 days. He knows the deal too. "Mom, I'm not gonna play video games cause I peed my pants". Correct my friend. Correctamundo.

On a completely unrelated note, I am day dreaming about summer. We haven't even had a real winter so I feel like I don't have a right to even say this but I want warmth and sun and a tan (God do I want a tan). I want to see my boys in shorts and bucket hats. I want to landscape our front yard and go to the beach.

Ahhhhhh sweet summer.

But before that we have a few other things to do. A first wedding anniversary next month, the boys birthdays to celebrate, one of my best friend's wedding (who doesn't read my blog... tsk tsk) and who knows what else.

my non blog reading bff 

But I can smell summer. Even if it is four months away... I am waiting.

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