Sunday Funday

Yesterday was the exact opposite of my Friday post. My go get 'em attitude was replaced with an I have no desire to move one. I didn't get dressed, cook, do laundry, nothing. I did take a two hour nap and pile my boys into the car so we could get McDonald's drive thru for dinner (currently holding my head in shame). Worse than that though I just ate and ate and ate. I weighed myself this morning and I had gained 4 lbs. oink oink indeed.

The best thing about those days are that I know they are few and far between. It is one of the main reasons why I make myself get dressed and ready every morning even if my only plans are to bring Blake to and from school.  Days like yesterday when I am a slug in both appearance and output I am usually ready for bed by 6PM. I cant stand myself.

I think it is because by nature I like to have things to do. Which is why I have a part time job. It is also why sometimes I get annoyed living here. Because my things to do are limited. I have a few friends who also have busy lives, there is limited places to go (I am not what anyone would consider to be an outdoorsy person), Shopping here doesn't hold a candle to Albany and we have no family locally.

But I digress.

Today I made a point to shower and be out of the house by 9AM. Even if it was just to Wal-Mart for milk, cereal and Smart Ones (I will spend the next two weeks losing the weight I gained yesterday).  Me and the kids Beybladed for what felt like forever, Blakey and I went sneaker shopping (I was supposed to be ordering my shoes for a friends wedding, but when you have a 3 year old demanding to purchase the shoes below, your train of thought goes right out the window).

Pumped up kicks

After Michael left for work we went outside for some fresh air. Everyone knows fresh air = good nights sleep and that's what I was going for. We played soccer, we went for a walk and I let the kids run around the front yard like maniacs until Logan wouldn't get out of the road.
That's how you know outside time is over.

Logan's " I'm just happy face"

Logan's "cheeeeeeeeeee" face... yet again.

 Officer Porter on a walk

 The helmet was a little big for Lo. Also he is the snot king.

I was ordered to pump "forty zero" gallons of gas in this car.
Seventeen times. 

Now I am ready to take on the week. A week of no school, a lot of work, a strict caloric intake, conquering the laundry mountain, hopefully a few play dates and best of all looking forward to next weekend when we have visitors!

PS: I seriously want one of those WeWood watches that are on EVERY blog's sidebar that I read.
That green one.
I need.

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