I have been trying to write a post for over two hours now. Paragraphs written and deleted, new ones written and deleted again. Every time I started I thought I was on to something really good only to draw complete mind blanks and give up. So out of nowhere I asked myself if I was going to write in a journal to myself what would I write about?


I would write about how today being a mom and a wife didn't come natural. I yelled about things I could have looked over, I got annoyed about things beyond anyone's control, I gave the look to Michael on more than one occasion, you know the one where I stare through his eyeballs while grinding my front teeth and furrowing my brows... he loves that look.
It's just that some days I'm not in the mood to break up a fight between an almost 4 and almost 2 year old at 6:30 in the morning. I want to drink my coffee, watch Matt Lauer interview Lindsay Lohan and maybe write a to-do list before I put my black and white referee tee on and rip my kids off each other.
The only thing I can do is acknowledge that today was not my finest and do better tomorrow. So a better tomorrow is what we will have.

A quiet moment... Before bed.

I would write about how my friend Katey came over today and dyed my hair and it took five hours. That sometimes when you have a plan to do something that you think will make life easier... and kids are involved... the exact opposite happens. Hair sessions are meant to be relaxing and quiet. Your supposed to read six magazines from April of 2007 while your under the hair dryer, listening to Kenny G and sipping a Diet Coke. Instead those 5 hours consisted of kids crying, time outs, lots of juice breaks, rests on the couch... anything but relaxing.

this picture was obviously not taken today... Stink loves taking naps at 4:30PM.

I would write about how I saw the 10 day Pinterest Challenge and I am all. over. it. In a nut shell, each day for the next ten days I take one of my 349 (as of tonight) pins and I create. I will bake and make and craft and cook and try new makeup and put outfits together. Ten pins, ten days.
And I will share them all with you. I feel like in some ways this will justify the 590 hours I have spent on Pinterest since I became a member (To bad I can't put some of those e-cards into action, I pin the shit out of those things). If you are in, I'll share your Pinterest challenge goods too!!

Tomorrow is March... Rabbit Rabbit.


  1. oooohhhh i want in on the pinterest challenge!!

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