Valentine's Day traditions...

Every year since I can remember on Valentines Day morning my Dad would have Russell Stover heart shaped candy boxes on the dining room table for my sister and I in between a Whitman's Sampler for my Mom. Even this year, with me being two hours away, there is still a box of candy waiting for me next time I go home.

I also remember every year being jealous of my Mom's Whitman's Sampler. The way the candy looked in the plastic, the little chocolate covered peanuts and almonds in their own section and the maple flavored, which is now my favorite, always shaped like an oval, how under the top of the box it describes where each candy is located so you don't bite into a coconut by mistake and have to wipe your tongue with a napkin.

My kids woke up at 6:15 this morning. Yet again. I am pretty sure Logan was up at 6AM and I pretended his cries were ocean waves or something for 15 minutes. Sometimes I just can't.
So I get Logan out of his crib head to the kitchen and on the counter waiting for us is two Russell Stover heart boxes and a Whitman Sampler.
I'm the mom in this house so it can only mean one thing. That Whitman Sampler is for me!!!
I unwrapped that box like one of those annoying people that likes to "save the paper" from their birthday presents. I didn't even want my kids to look at my candy, let alone ask me for the milk chocolate mail carrier... Now I know how my mother felt every year. We were so annoying.

So we each pick one piece of candy from our designated candy boxes and then at 6:30 in the morning we go in to thank Michael. I tell him that what he did this morning is exactly what my Dad used to do for my mom, sister and I... His response?

"Its official, you married your father."

 Fridge decor <3

Black and white picture of me and my valentine. B&W pictures hide forehead wrinkles.


Besides that though Blake had a Valentines party, pajama day, and a teddy bear parade this morning at school. He was so excited to share his valentines with his friends and even more happy that he had a bag of goods from his school friends, or as he calls them "his buddies" when school was over.

Angry Bird Valentine+ Rice Krispy Treat + pencil= Valentines for school friends

Blake has obviously been working out.

Logan got a musical Mickey Mouse Valentines book from his valentine (that would be me) this morning and he has been pressing the buttons all day.

A Spongebob Squarepants lollipop that was literally a marshmallow on a stick. Notice the progression of happiness?

Blake liked his too. So much so he had to do a "Hooray" air jump picture.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!


  1. This looks like such a wonderful, sweet day! :)

  2. so, so, so cute!

    i love that he said you married your father, haha.

    and the fact that your pretended the cries were ocean waves. seriously so funny!

  3. Awe.... You married your father comment was great! The pictures of the kids are too cute! =)