The Reception

The best part.
All of the butterflies had vacated my stomach.
Drinks were being consumed in typical open bar fashion.
A sweat suit may have made its way out at some point during the par-tay.
This is obviously the part I miss the most.
A party with all the people I loved there to celebrate Michael and I.
Yes. Please.
Makes me even more excited for April 21st when one of my very absolute favorite couples will take their turn.

Pictures? Lets go!

Looking back a few things...
I should have reapplied bronzer and lip gloss throughout the reception. I didn't not once.
Leaving me to look shiny and my lips to look extra fleshy.
I would have made sure those hairs were tucked behind my ears too.
Besides that though... So good... The whole thing.
Especially that cake. That toasted almond cake.

It was a great night.


and because this is one of my favorite pictures of all time....

"Logan you're my best bruhder"
direct quote.

The Ceremony

We had the shortest ceremony of all time. Like one paragraph double spaced courier new font size12 short.
Highlights included me putting Michael's wedding band on the wrong hand and everyone yelling
 "Wrong hand!!!". And when Michael said "With this ring I be wed". I swear only my sister and I caught it. Still hilarious. 

The reception