Hello March and Pinterest Challenge Day 1!

Dear March,
I feel good. As of right now you are my favorite month. You mean spring is on its way, even if there is a legit blizzard going on outside my window right now. This March means that Michael and I have been married for an entire year. I seriously cannot even tell you how many times that man has told me he wants a divorce in the past almost 365 days.

Cheers to eternity!

Seriously though we have some really fun plans to celebrate our one year anniversary and I cant wait. Obviously our first year of marriage looked completely different than other newlyweds, but it was a good year and I can't wait to see what the next few years bring for our fam of four.

Tomorrow I will drive down the Northway by myself to I can only imagine what music at max volume for a real weekend away. You know the kind of day I described yesterday? Days like that remind me that a weekend away is good for everyone. I will miss my guys terribly and I will wonder what they are doing the whole time I am gone, but I am going to have some fun. Friends I haven't seen in way too long will reunite this weekend to celebrate the end of singledom for one of our own, (insert forty being poured on my kitchen floor while Another one bites the dust plays on my ipod in the background).

It is going to be great. I know the boys are in great hands with their Dad and I haven't been out out in a long time. It is going to be so fun. But you know the deal. By Sunday I will be racing home... But not too fast ... The last thing I need is another ticket (sighhh). Speaking of the boys with their Dad, check out this video that was taken about 45 minutes ago...


 Pinterest challenge day 1!

I do feel a little guilt leaving everyone for 2 days and nights.
And since I am no dummy I will make myself feel better about leaving by feeding my kids something good decent before I leave.
So I looked on Pinterest and this is what I came up with:

this picture is enormous.

EASY spaghetti sauce
The recipe comes from the blog Annie's Eats.
It is three ingredients
1. Can of crushed tomato
2. Onion
3.5 tbsp unsalted butter

You can find the recipe right here.

Half way through I started to get nervous because the sauce wasn't thickening up so I added a can of tomato paste. And then I started to get nervous that it wasn't going to have any sweetness, so I added a Splenda packet (where that hell that idea came from I have no idea) I also added some garlic powder. So mine ended up being 6 ingredients. It was still easy and it tasted pretty good.

My Pinterest challenge day one in pictures...

 See what I mean about watery? This picture definitely does not look the one pinned.

 After I added tomato paste and Splenda...

Logan gives this 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

Tomorrow Pinterest Day 2 before my weekend sabbatical.

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