KONY 2012

Right now my kids are eating spaghetti for lunch.
They are running around the house wild.
They are laughing and wrestling and making messes.
They are home with me and they are loved and protected and taken care of.

I watched a video today, just now actually, and it is one of those videos you never forget.
And I know that I have a small blog with 65 followers and most are my mom's friends who like to see pictures of the boys, but some days you cant write about things like that.

Some days you have to write about things like this:

Because there are little boys and girls being stolen from their homes, abducted in the night and they are forced to kill their parents and be sex slaves and they are given guns and they are made to mutilate the faces of other children. All this for nothing more than to keep one man in power.

And when I think about what would happen if someone were to take my kids from me...

My heart breaks. Actually when I just think of it I feel like someone is literally ripping my heart right out.

And I know that there is not much I can do. But I will sign the pledge and I will buy the kit.

And if you have a blog you should share that you tube link however you know how. And if you have 30 minutes you should watch this video and you should tell people about the video.

My heart broke when I watched it and at the same time I am so inspired.

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  1. This breaks my heart so much. How can such evil exists in our world?