Logan and I had a play date today.
Just me and him.
And it was awesome.
We went for a walk and he held my hand for so long.
And then he let go and sprinted down the street and I got sad.
Because I saw it all as a metaphor for my future.
One day he isn't going to need to hold my hand when we walk down the street.
This boy who will be 2 years old in just 45 short days.
I am having a really hard time with these boys getting older lately.
Really hard.

Here are some a million pictures of our play date. 

The only picture of the two of us and I look like a serial killer.
Hde won't even look up.

Check out those teeth. No wonder it hurts so hard when he bites.

My FAVORITE  picture of the day.

First day of spring?
Not to shabby.....

Look whose made their way outside for the summer...
"Helloooo Carolinaaaaaaa"


And because someone wanted to remind me how fast time really is passing by... We found pictures of newborn Logan on our old camera today.

I want to hold the baby in this picture right now.
chubby cheeks, inverted dimple chin and all.....

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