The Meltdown

Lets play a game.

Would you rather run a marathon without training
Watch your 3 year old have the tantrum of all tantrums outside of pre-school while all his classmates and their parents are getting into their cars to go home?

Now guess which one happened to me today?

In hindsight I would have done a few things differently.
I wouldn't have promised Blake that his Dad would pick him up from school today.
I would have waited until he was buckled and strapped and I was driving to tell him that he wasn't going to his friends house after school.

But I think that sums it up.
Because you can't plan for these things to happen. You can't say what you would or wouldn't do.
Because you just don't know.

I knew it wasn't going to be good when he ran out of his classroom and yelled "Hi Da-" and then his face changed and his nose scrunched up and said "Hey, I wanted Daddy to pick me up". Then I had to pick up two of his little school friends, and when he found out that they were both heading to the same house and he wasn't...

The shit hit the fan.

It started with tears and some screams.. Quick little "No" "No" "No" at about a level 45. Lets just say people started looking. Then I tried to put him in the car and he started screaming louder and hitting me (Breathe, Ash, Breathe) and kicking the inside of my car door. At this point I may have done the old cheek smush (you know the fish no kid wants their mom to put on their face). I tried to shut the door and buckle the other kids in and he ended up kicking one of them.

At this point I almost lost it. I go back around to his side of the car and remove him. He then ran in front of my car onto the grass and was SCREAMING. and then he was kicking. and then he gave himself a bloody nose. and then he ripped off his little Old Navy puffy vest and threw it on the ground outside of the church and jumped on it (yes this all occurred outside of the Lord's house).
And I am just standing next to my car waiting for him to calm down. And at times I laughed a little, but only cause if I didn't laugh I was going to cry.
When he calmed down a little I walked over to him and gave him a hug, asked him if he was okay, picked him up and carried him to his car seat.

I'm pretty sure most of the parents by this time had hightailed it out of there. But there was one little school friend and her grandmother leaving the school at the conclusion of this epic meltdown. As she was putting her granddaughter in the car I said something like "I don't know how you are supposed to handle these kind of situations". 

She just smiled and told me it will get better.

I sure hope so.

Because I know that it wasn't his intention but I was so embarrassed today. I felt like in the midst of his meltdown in front of all the other parents putting their obedient children in their car seats I was holding my boy by the collar of his vest so he couldn't run away. He was making me look bad.

I know that those parents went home to their husbands and wives and said "you wouldn't believe the huge tantrum that Blake threw today outside of school. He was out of control, that kid is a brat". Of course they did. That's what I would have done if it was any other kid.

So when we got home from dropping off the other kids Blake was escorted by his father to his bed where he slept for almost three hours. And when he got up he came downstairs to my office door, came in, gave me a big hug and said "Mom, I'm so sorry I punched you".

I know that every kid is different. Blake is animated whether it be good or bad, he is bull headed and defiant. He is loving and caring and thoughtful. He is hilarious and bold and creative and a Stink.
But I want to make sure that no matter what the other qualities, he is respectful of his parents and all adults. That he is a good listener and that he will understand that you can't always get what you want.

Those Rolling Stones were really onto something.

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