This is my sister today:

This was us when we were younger:

The story I am about to share is all according to my sister. I do not remember nor believe it to be true. But I want to share because I find it entertaining.

Story according to Laura:
I was in 7th grade and she was in the 5th. I got out of school 40 minutes before her. On this day I got out of school and went across the street to babysit my neighbor's kids.
For God knows what reason Laura gets off the school bus (which dropped her off right at the end of our dead end street, our house being the third closest to the bus stop)... So she gets off the bus, gets out her Walkman, puts on her head phones and starts playing Brandy's Sittin' Up In My Room. She then proceeded to dance her way home. Down 1/4th of a block.
In the middle of her solo Soul Train performance (so says Laura) she pulled a moon walk turned around and there I was on the front porch of my neighbor's house with my arms crossed and a look of disgust on my face. Laura then stopped dead in her tracks, saw me and  removed her head phones.
I glare at her with loathe in my eyes and say:

"Ew. NEVER do that again."

And according to Laura she has never been the same.
I do not remember this occurring at all!!! I do remember a few other things I might have told her in the past that for God knows what reason stuck with her, including but not limited to:

1. Telling her she should not wear turtlenecks with her hair up, her head would look to big
2. That her eye beds were to small for thick eyeliner
3. I may have made reference to her arms being long... like an ape.

I guess I really was a mean big sister.
Crazy thing is she has forgiven me and we are now (at least according to me) bsf's.

Best sister's forever. Right Laur???

Anyway yesterday Brandy and Monica were on Sway in the morning and guess what they pulled out of the old memory juke box?

Seriously, what are the chances?

And just to prove that everything I just wrote about is in fact true...

And now because I am feeling like quiet the bitch...


  1. Haha big sisters are the worst! The best part is that the little siblings will always forgive, haha.

  2. Loved This Blog Ash. I believe Leia and Nina could relate also :) There is nothing like your Sister though. It's the most special of bonds.