Pinterest Challenge Day 2.... And a bridal shower

This past Saturday was my friend Aura's bridal shower and bachelorette party.
We had such a good time.
So much fun that I could not get up but to put my head in my parent's toilet until 2:00 the next day.
Keeping it classy.
I'll post more about that another day.
Today I want to share the favors I made for the shower.
They were Pinterest inspired.
And I know that I have not been blogging since I started my 10 day challenge. But I made these last Tuesday and didn't want to share until the shower was over.
So I will call this Pinterest Challenge Day #2 (I never said that the days were going to be consecutive, did I?)

I knew I wanted to make something that would be fairly inexpensive, really cute, easy to make, and something that I hoped would not go to waste... Here was some of my pinspiration...

Cute right?
Then I saw this cluster of favors and fell in love.

I actually love each of these ideas, but if I'm being honest some of them are way out of my creativity league.
Bottom left corner? Bottom left corner I can handle.


So cute right?
And super easy.
The plastic bags were in the wedding section at Wal-Mart.
I did half tied in purple ribbon and half tied in jute (both from Wal-Mart)
The tags I made with a shirt box (Cut into strips then cut into rectangles with the top corners clipped off and a hole punch in the middle) 
and a white marker from Michael's.

Andddd a couple shower pictures...

...Bridal Party...
(Bride in the middle)

my girls <3

...Bachelorette party run down tomorrow...

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  1. Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing! Great pictures!