St. Patrick's Day

Everything is fuzzy. Well my blog header is. I Googled why and I can't figure it out. I'll try again later.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Usually being away from my family is not hard. It is only a little over two hours, a car ride that my kids are more than used to. Not close enough to throw the kids in the Equinox and go to my parent's to play in the backyard for an afternoon though. Especially a day like yesterday. When the sun was out, Michael had to work and I was in the midst of an I miss the days when my friends and I would wear matching shirts with random made up Irish slogans and drink from 12 to 12 pity party.


Lucky for me though I was able to snap out of my yearn for past ridiculousness. We went to the park.
Parks make kids happy and my favorite thing is to see them happy; with each other, with other kids, and by themselves. I love when I can sit at a picnic table and just watch. Because this mom is not always a willing participant. I mean I'll push a swing or go for a walk around the pond, but I'm not on the actual playground, going down slides and things. Kids need to learn to entertain themselves and I like to relax on a park bench and just watch. With a Redbook or something.

We were able to leave the park with no one breaking out in tears with a good old ice cream bribe. Hey, I'm not always above it. I've already met my weekly meltdown quota, thank you.

Ice cream makes LoLo happy...
Cheeesseeeee face

We wrapped our St. Patrick's Day evening up with a walk with friends and some cinnamon graham crackers. My mom called and I talked about how happy I was that I wouldn't be hungover today. She said my sister was passed out on the couch with her bag still on her shoulder....

Out to enjoy the weather... Irish hangover free. 

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