This weather is ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing. Thank you weather gods. We are feeling so spoiled here. Michael and I cleared our garage of all the garbage that had collected over the winter (although we are technically still in winter, right?). Blake helped us clean, rode his bike, did some serious sidewalk chalk art up and down the pathway, played some basketball and practiced driving the lawn mower. LoLo took a nap.

Later in the day we met friends and headed to the hospital to feed the llamas, ducks and the catfish.
I don't know why they keep llamas at the hospital but the kids liked shoving carrots down their throats.
The black one has the same birthday as Stink.

Catfish are disgusting bread thieves.
I swear I heard them chewing.

Mini meltdown mid duck feed

Pulling it together nicely.

70's the next few days??
I can't wait.
I am looking like this guy right now and I am not feeling it.

If you need me this week I will be working on my tan. In March. Outside.
Out of control.

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  1. The weather is so out of control! Not sure if I am suppose to be happy or scared that tomorrow is 79 degrees in freaking March!!! Crazy!!!

    Love the pictures !!! :)