a Big birthday

Today is Blake's 4th birthday. The birthday I have been dreading forever. In my head him turning 4 years old means that he has officially graduated from baby Blake to big boy Blake... All signs of the baby he was have somehow disappeared in the past few months.

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the baby that he was but man I love the boy he is becoming. He is so funny and smart and has the best memory. He gives the best hugs, wants to be friends with everyone he meets and the things that come out of his mouth sometimes...

He has been doing the craziest things lately... Almost setting our house on fire, cutting his own hair...Really giving me a run for my money... He is so excited for his Sonic the Hedgehog birthday at school Tuesday and even more for the dinosaur party he will share with his brother on Saturday.

I just had a quick cry writing this... I honestly cant believe I have been a mom for four years.. To look back on where we were on each of his birthdays... Life is always changing. I cant wait to see what is next for us.

Happy Birthday to my Big Stink. We love you so much... To infinity and beyond.



I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....

It has been way to long.
We have been busy and I have no pictures to show for it.
Like my best friend got married and I didn't take one picture with my camera.
Not even an Instagram phone pic.
My camera sat in a mini van all night.
For shame.

I will do an update post tomorrow or something but I have had one  numerous requests for the return of throwback Thursday. And since I aim to please around here lets get to it.

I have to admit that I am slightly concerned about the legal repercussions of this throwback. But because my sister assures me it's all good and quite frankly this blog could use some diversity if I do say so myself I have decided to feature this photographic gem:

Ladies and gentlemen I give you my sister's bff and one of my favorite blog followers
(Please don't sue me)

I am suppressing the need to type bahahahahahahhahahaaha. 
clearly not very well.
Seriously could this picture be any cuter? 
I am loving how fashion forward her dress/tight combo is. 
This picture is so right in so many ways. 

And because a little flattery never hurt anyone (especially a blogger posting pictures without permission) please take a look at a now photo:

 Stalked Facebook for my favorite "now" photo...
Please stop being so good looking I literally wanted to make a 
collage of your default pictures.

*** Side note: I will totally delete this post if requested and please feel free to blame Laura who I am pretty sure is sitting next to/across from you at a table drinking wine right now. Its all her fault. 

Tomorrow's blog: My current ridiculous obsessions :)
Also I have decided I hate this font...New font tomorrow!


Easter 2012

Easter was wonderful.
I am still full.
My love affair with food has not come to an end as I was hoping it would.
When Blake opened his Easter basket he said "This is the best day Ever!!!"
Logan took a Cadbury egg out of his basket opened it and ignored everything else.
Here is our Easter in pictures:

nice mustache...

 Logan was given 3 eggs after nap to color. We strategically put all different colors around him.... 
all three made it into the purple dye... Future Vikings fan??

B.A. Easter eggs

Blakey seeing all the loot Easter morning

Logan going for his basket

Showing off his Easter present!

The only thing Lo cared about was that Cadbury egg

Mason girls!!


Crazy egg hunt. Lasted about 72 seconds.

Logan and Dad

Awkward group shot

cutest pic of these two ever

Blake and his cousin Ady...
Love his arm around her shoulder.

Easter dinner. Fancy china.

Blake and KK

Uncle Adam pile

Blake getting a back rub from Grandma Gloria... 
Look at his face. 
He was in the relaxation zone.



1. You know how some people have allergies that come on at the change of every season (eh hem Michael)? Well I might not have allergies but my sure sign that a season is changing is an enormous protruding blister on my upper lip. Every season I can feel it growing before anyone can even see it. They have woken me up from a dead sleep to leap out of bed searching for a tube of Abreva. Anyway, I was doing work in my closet  office when I felt the itch and had to run into the bathroom for a giant tub of Carmex that I slathered all over my upper lip. It is driving me crazy. 
I am disgusting. 
In other news, Spring is on its way :).

2. Blake came up to me today and asked me how I pee. 
I told him sitting. 
Then the most ridiculous/uncomfortable for me conversation followed.
B: Yeah but you don't have a wiener.
Me: I know
B: Then how do you pee, you don't have a wiener. What do you have?
Me: Laughing hysterically and silently, I'm sure my nostrils were flaring and everything. 
B: How do you pee? How do you pee? How do you pee? How do you pee? How do you pee? What's so funny?
I somehow was able to change the subject (I think I offered him a bowl full of marshmallows or something).
I'm not sure why but the words "Mommy has a vagina" are not words I choose to share with him yet. Maybe when I graduate middle school.

3. I have all but stopped cooking completely. Frozen pizza, macaroni and cheese, Chinese food etc. I am going to pull out my crock pot tomorrow and make this buffalo chicken.

 c/o my kitchen apron here

4. I hadn't taken any pictures of the kids since that one hot week mid March. Here are some from after dinner and baths tonight.

 My kids eat like dogs sometimes.
Big deal.
 Look at 2 month old Logan in the picture in the back.
So stinky cute.

 Best bro's. 


"I think I'll go to Boston.."

Last weekend Michael and I met my friend Erin and her boyfriend Chris for a weekend in Boston to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We needed that weekend away. I have so many stories I could share but I would be here all day. So here are some random things we learned in Boston:

1. You cannot bring beer into the Langham Hotel in Boston. If you do you will be tracked down like a wanted fugitive, brought into a room, interrogated like a meth dealer and your beer will be confiscated.
Ridiculous. The head of security at The Langham is a dick. Just saying.
Besides that I really like The Langham though. They knew it was our anniversary and on the first night, right after the beer confiscation situation as a matter of fact, we came into our room where there were roses on our bed and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us.

@ The Langham
2. There is only one strip club in Boston.I think its called Escapades. That is all I have to say about that.

3. Boston restaurants are not to be reckoned with. We made no reservations. Made no plans. Didn't go to any of the recommended restaurants (except Modern Pastry). My favorite meal was the BLT macaroni and cheese at Jacob Wirth Restaurant. I had to literally tell myself to put my fork down as I had drinking to do that night and needed room. Besides Jacob Wirth's, we ate at a place I only know as JoJo's, which is not the name of the restaurant at all. Really really good though.

Can you tell which of us was a fashion major??

4. If you are a guy and you need to get a quick pair of shoes it is in your best interest to just ask a cab driver to bring you to DSW. Maybe it was just us, but we had a hell of a time finding cheap shoes to just wear out one night.

Myspace pics are hard with DSLR's

5. It is probably because I am not well traveled AT ALL, but we walked through an actual farmers market in Boston and I was in Heaven. bunches of asparagus for $1, 10 lemons for $1, bushels of grapes for $1. I swear everything was $1. We, of course were walking through the farmers market to get cannolis in Little Italy so we decided we would hit it up the next day. Well the next day it was gone. Only open Fridays and Saturdays. So sad. I came back home and paid $6 for grapes. Blah.

All from Modern Pastry.
I dived right into that.
6. Comedy shows are fun. Even more fun when waitresses are bringing you drinks the whole time. Specifically cranberry and vodka's. I wish I had tried a Chris Rock.

Yummy... @ The Wilbur Theatre
There is so much more. But I am getting tired, I have spent the past hour and a half crying at both The Biggest Loser and  The Voice.

Only picture of all of us from the entire weekend.

 bar we hit up both nights
@ Quincy Market

Kid pictures coming soon.
It has been awhile.