"I think I'll go to Boston.."

Last weekend Michael and I met my friend Erin and her boyfriend Chris for a weekend in Boston to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We needed that weekend away. I have so many stories I could share but I would be here all day. So here are some random things we learned in Boston:

1. You cannot bring beer into the Langham Hotel in Boston. If you do you will be tracked down like a wanted fugitive, brought into a room, interrogated like a meth dealer and your beer will be confiscated.
Ridiculous. The head of security at The Langham is a dick. Just saying.
Besides that I really like The Langham though. They knew it was our anniversary and on the first night, right after the beer confiscation situation as a matter of fact, we came into our room where there were roses on our bed and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us.

@ The Langham
2. There is only one strip club in Boston.I think its called Escapades. That is all I have to say about that.

3. Boston restaurants are not to be reckoned with. We made no reservations. Made no plans. Didn't go to any of the recommended restaurants (except Modern Pastry). My favorite meal was the BLT macaroni and cheese at Jacob Wirth Restaurant. I had to literally tell myself to put my fork down as I had drinking to do that night and needed room. Besides Jacob Wirth's, we ate at a place I only know as JoJo's, which is not the name of the restaurant at all. Really really good though.

Can you tell which of us was a fashion major??

4. If you are a guy and you need to get a quick pair of shoes it is in your best interest to just ask a cab driver to bring you to DSW. Maybe it was just us, but we had a hell of a time finding cheap shoes to just wear out one night.

Myspace pics are hard with DSLR's

5. It is probably because I am not well traveled AT ALL, but we walked through an actual farmers market in Boston and I was in Heaven. bunches of asparagus for $1, 10 lemons for $1, bushels of grapes for $1. I swear everything was $1. We, of course were walking through the farmers market to get cannolis in Little Italy so we decided we would hit it up the next day. Well the next day it was gone. Only open Fridays and Saturdays. So sad. I came back home and paid $6 for grapes. Blah.

All from Modern Pastry.
I dived right into that.
6. Comedy shows are fun. Even more fun when waitresses are bringing you drinks the whole time. Specifically cranberry and vodka's. I wish I had tried a Chris Rock.

Yummy... @ The Wilbur Theatre
There is so much more. But I am getting tired, I have spent the past hour and a half crying at both The Biggest Loser and  The Voice.

Only picture of all of us from the entire weekend.

 bar we hit up both nights
@ Quincy Market

Kid pictures coming soon.
It has been awhile.


  1. Ok, that beer story is crazy! Wow!!

    Did you dye your hair recently? I like it !!

    And you are fashionable even when you are not trying to be!!

    I love Boston ... Can't wait to go this summer!

    Love all the pictures , looks like a great time! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. LOVE ALLLLLLL of these pictures....makes me want to go back and re-live it all again!!! Well maybe minus the confiscation...LOL.

    ps. chris informed me that the strip bar is Centerfolds! hahaaa

    <3 you!

  3. so jealous! i've never been to boston