1. You know how some people have allergies that come on at the change of every season (eh hem Michael)? Well I might not have allergies but my sure sign that a season is changing is an enormous protruding blister on my upper lip. Every season I can feel it growing before anyone can even see it. They have woken me up from a dead sleep to leap out of bed searching for a tube of Abreva. Anyway, I was doing work in my closet  office when I felt the itch and had to run into the bathroom for a giant tub of Carmex that I slathered all over my upper lip. It is driving me crazy. 
I am disgusting. 
In other news, Spring is on its way :).

2. Blake came up to me today and asked me how I pee. 
I told him sitting. 
Then the most ridiculous/uncomfortable for me conversation followed.
B: Yeah but you don't have a wiener.
Me: I know
B: Then how do you pee, you don't have a wiener. What do you have?
Me: Laughing hysterically and silently, I'm sure my nostrils were flaring and everything. 
B: How do you pee? How do you pee? How do you pee? How do you pee? How do you pee? What's so funny?
I somehow was able to change the subject (I think I offered him a bowl full of marshmallows or something).
I'm not sure why but the words "Mommy has a vagina" are not words I choose to share with him yet. Maybe when I graduate middle school.

3. I have all but stopped cooking completely. Frozen pizza, macaroni and cheese, Chinese food etc. I am going to pull out my crock pot tomorrow and make this buffalo chicken.

 c/o my kitchen apron here

4. I hadn't taken any pictures of the kids since that one hot week mid March. Here are some from after dinner and baths tonight.

 My kids eat like dogs sometimes.
Big deal.
 Look at 2 month old Logan in the picture in the back.
So stinky cute.

 Best bro's. 

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