I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....

It has been way to long.
We have been busy and I have no pictures to show for it.
Like my best friend got married and I didn't take one picture with my camera.
Not even an Instagram phone pic.
My camera sat in a mini van all night.
For shame.

I will do an update post tomorrow or something but I have had one  numerous requests for the return of throwback Thursday. And since I aim to please around here lets get to it.

I have to admit that I am slightly concerned about the legal repercussions of this throwback. But because my sister assures me it's all good and quite frankly this blog could use some diversity if I do say so myself I have decided to feature this photographic gem:

Ladies and gentlemen I give you my sister's bff and one of my favorite blog followers
(Please don't sue me)

I am suppressing the need to type bahahahahahahhahahaaha. 
clearly not very well.
Seriously could this picture be any cuter? 
I am loving how fashion forward her dress/tight combo is. 
This picture is so right in so many ways. 

And because a little flattery never hurt anyone (especially a blogger posting pictures without permission) please take a look at a now photo:

 Stalked Facebook for my favorite "now" photo...
Please stop being so good looking I literally wanted to make a 
collage of your default pictures.

*** Side note: I will totally delete this post if requested and please feel free to blame Laura who I am pretty sure is sitting next to/across from you at a table drinking wine right now. Its all her fault. 

Tomorrow's blog: My current ridiculous obsessions :)
Also I have decided I hate this font...New font tomorrow!


  1. I was actually drinking a beer!

    Awesome job Ash! :)

  2. I am not just a blog follower but a die hard and when I heard I made the blog, ask laura I screamed this is the best day of my LIFE and went into a semi shock!!! This is amazing thanks so much ash! for all of you who don't know I ALWAYS request throwback thursdays lol! and ash I wont sue you no worries. FOR THE RECORD.... I have a sweater under that dress...I know no one beleives me but I promise I do!!! love you and couldnt love the blog any more- but trust me this just took it to a wholeeeeee new level!

  3. PS. I was telling every one last night how funny this blog is and I scream out "you guys if you think laura is funny - ashley is like 10 times funnier"

    and then laura said thats enough blog talk and I need to slow my roll. LOL