Haircuts and the park

First things first...

Yesterday about 25 seconds after Michael pulled out of the driveway to work, I escorted Blake to the bathroom and cut all his hair off.... As soon as I was done Logan woke up, I handed him a cup of cheese puffs and put him in bathroom for a cut too. I wouldn't say hey liked it exactly but let me tell you he looks so flipping cute right now it was worth it.



Not the best quality but you get the gist....

Looking good right??

We went to the park after Logan's nap today... Sometimes I have an idea to do something or go somewhere and before I know it I have lost the energy to follow through. It's called laziness actually.
Today as I watched my kids toss pillow after pillow off the couch and then "CANNON BALLLLLL" into them I decided we needed to get out. So, quickly before I changed my mind I threw a towel some fruit snacks and a bottle of water in a bag and made a beeline for the park before I got to lazy to actually go lost my energy.
Good call on my part...

I'm not one of those run around, go down the slide, chase my kids around the park for fun moms. I think kids need to learn to play with each other, particularly siblings, more specifically my kids. The park is a good place for that. It is also a good place for me to sit in the sun, read a little, write a little, check Facebook from my phone.... Get up only if there is an injury or an attempted runaway.

Ahhhhh look at them playing together....

Blake and I also made summer to do lists. Lets just say we should have no problem completing his... at all.

More on those tomorrow....

Memorial Day... Heavy on the pictures


Memorial day weekend is over. Trying to pick my favorite part of this past weekend would be impossible. We did so much and yet were still able to put our feet up and relax, enjoy family, get reacquainted. At Sunday's barbecue it was confirmed by all sitting at the round table under the red and white striped awning that our family is happily dysfunctional. It was an all for on, one for all, say it loud say it proud kind of moment... Oh, and someone got a tattoo...

Oh yes I did....

Saturday my mom and I were able to get away just the two of us. When Blake said he was foregoing our day out and staying with his Poppa I got extra excited. Since having kids spending time with any adult without having to tote around a little boy or boys is extra special. Extra. We came home with two dresses, a new tank top, little boy jammies, a Sonic t-shirt and an accidental pack of boys size 14 underpants. They may fit Blakey in high school.

We celebrated memorial day with a parade and a picnic. I may have went a little over board with the pictures at the parade. I was a serious mamarazzi...  and I could have given a shit. There were so many sights to be seen. Oh you didn't know Jesus did Memorial Day parades? You do now. Proof is in the pictures.

The real stars of the weekend were without a doubt the 4 and unders. Watching Logan eat dirt, play in the trees and try and have legit conversations with his cousins was so fun to watch. I see a change in him lately. Being 2 looks good on him. Even if he does turn into The Hulk when he doesn't get what he wants.

Blake also has two new girlfriends...

What would Memorial Day weekend be without a Stewart's cotton candy grand finale? Don't ask me. I wouldn't know. My sister and I snuck out at 9:30 Monday night, got cones, sat at the lone outdoor picnic table... talked about life...

We were on the road Tuesday morning at 8AM, before my mom or sister even left for work... Because every "vacation" has to come to an end and my boys really missed their Dad. Back to business looks like laundry getting put away, grocery shopping, haircuts, a tornado watch, and a gourmet dinner of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Mini Wheats.


He was so excited all day.

I don't know if it was the promise of a trip to Pet Smart after, that he hadn't been there in so long or that I told him he could play my phone in the waiting room, but Blake was pumped for his physical today. In my head I knew that it wasn't going to end well. All my friends with 4 year old's told me that this physical meant shots. Four shots.

 He did great the whole time leading up to them... Showing the doctor how he can hop on one foot, drawing squares and circles and telling him how he has a green and white bike home that he rides all the time (none of that story was true btw). Then the doctor left, he was told about the shots and he hid under the table.

I had to hold down his arms and chest while the nurse held down his legs and started stabbing my Stinker in the leg (well aware this description is a bit on the dramatic side). He was screaming and crying "Stop it! I don't want shots! Stop! Stop!"  It was really sad. So sad that Logan who was sitting on the chair next to the doctor's table started screaming and crying louder than Blake until it was all over...

It was one of those times when you know you are doing the right thing but it just feels so wrong. That is why once we were done and I wiped away my mom tears I couldn't shove lollipops in their mouths fast enough. We put clothes and shoes on and were outta there.

Or so I thought.

I was holding Blake on the way out and he was still crying saying how hot his head was and that it was so itchy. I asked the doctor on the way out and he said it was because of the meltdown that had just occurred. Made total sense.

By the time we got past the waiting room though Blake had little white bumps all over his head, his ears were super red and he kept saying "its burning, its burning!"... So right back into the doctor's office we went.

He had broken out into hives all over his face, ears and a little on his thighs. Poor boy. He was a hot mess.

 These pictures were taken after the Benadryl was given... It was much worse before the medicine kicked in....

Logan earned that lollipop after being so sad that Blakey was being hurt.

When we left the doctor's office we went to Pet Smart and looked at all the animals. Logan LOVES animals. He was so happy the whole time we were there. Waving goodbye to the lizards and birds as we moved on to the dogs being groomed and the kittens for adoption.

Then we went to the store so I could get Blake more medicine. Then I let him pick out 2 boxes of fruit snacks, juice boxes, ice cream, sprinkles and popcorn chicken. I let him get whatever he wanted and I couldn't have cared less. Good thing we didn't walk through the toy section. There is nothing like mom guilt...Even if it isn't really warranted.

Since we have been home from the doctor Blakey has told me about 16 times that he doesnt like shots...

Me either dude.

**Shout out to number one little brother who was all about making sure his big bro felt better.
You are the best little Schmoopy.


Weekend in pictures

Things have been busy around here.
We have been enjoying the weather, our swing set and our new pool.
With better weather comes the issue of time management.
Technically I am a stay at home mom. But I also have a job that at times could require up to 20 hours of work a week.
Time management has always been a problem for me. In high school and college waiting until the night before a 10 page paper was due to start was common practice...
Even today, trading what I should be doing time for what I want to be doing time is an issue. Schedules and to-do lists don't mean much when they are shoved in a drawer or thrown in the kitchen basket... Especially when it is 85 degrees and the sun is shining directly on our backyard.

That my friends is why I LOVE the weekend.

New pool

 My name is DJ Lance DJ Lance DJ Lance Rock

  New Spongebob Squarepants game and Angry Birds tee.

Snot. Ew.

Ended the weekend with a mom date.
And these.
And dinner.
And a movie... What to Expect When You're Expecting.
do yourself a favor and rent it.

By the way I missed my blogs birthday last week...
Happy birthday to Stink&Schmoop...
Cheers to a years worth of saved memories.
Wish I had that margarita right now.


Coffee, fire and a kite

I had coffee at my friend Heather's house this morning. While I was getting dressed I decided that I would take pictures of our "coffee hour." I made myself put on jeans and I did my makeup in this new way my sister suggested (which made my right eye run ALL day!), I dressed my kids in decent clothes, packed my camera and was ready.to.go.
Then I got there and started talking and talking and talking and forgot all about my coffee date post. Sighhhhhhhh.... It would have been a good one too.
Anyway we came home and Logan was put down for a nap. Logan playing outside is almost always followed by a nice long nap. That is why I love nice days. Nice days outside=Nice nap times.

While he was sleeping Michael burned a pile of shit that had been taking over our backyard since last year. I was so sick of looking at that pile, specifically our dried out Christmas tree.

 He said this is his mad face...
I have seen his mad face and it is not nearly this cute.

 Something gross? A mole was loving in this pile.
Michael saw it run out after the fire really started burning...
Living in the country is disgusting sometimes.
A mole. Really?

 Check out me holding the camera in Michael's sunglasses..
I fear that Blake is indeed making the dreaded duck face.
Note: I do NOT make that face in pictures. Ever.

Blake and Michael flying his Spider Man kite.

 He was a pro!

Blake kept asking me to take pictures of him flying his kite.
 I have 20 more that look just like this


A girl can dream... Right?

I want so much lately....


2013 Infiniti JX35
Three rows... So beautiful 

Why oh why did I cut my hair??
I will take this color as well...

Nothing says BA like a pair of these bad boys

 Summer dresses..
Like a million. 
I don't even want to wear shorts this summer.

My right hand needs some bling.
This is nice and thick for my man hands...

chunky watch. 

A serious tan...
I think I am sticking with sprays though...
I am getting a GIANT sun hat this year :)

Big fat Subway art....
I want this as soon as you walk in my house.
That would be excellent.

I could go on...

That dream session was fun.

Did I miss anything???