Coffee, fire and a kite

I had coffee at my friend Heather's house this morning. While I was getting dressed I decided that I would take pictures of our "coffee hour." I made myself put on jeans and I did my makeup in this new way my sister suggested (which made my right eye run ALL day!), I dressed my kids in decent clothes, packed my camera and was ready.to.go.
Then I got there and started talking and talking and talking and forgot all about my coffee date post. Sighhhhhhhh.... It would have been a good one too.
Anyway we came home and Logan was put down for a nap. Logan playing outside is almost always followed by a nice long nap. That is why I love nice days. Nice days outside=Nice nap times.

While he was sleeping Michael burned a pile of shit that had been taking over our backyard since last year. I was so sick of looking at that pile, specifically our dried out Christmas tree.

 He said this is his mad face...
I have seen his mad face and it is not nearly this cute.

 Something gross? A mole was loving in this pile.
Michael saw it run out after the fire really started burning...
Living in the country is disgusting sometimes.
A mole. Really?

 Check out me holding the camera in Michael's sunglasses..
I fear that Blake is indeed making the dreaded duck face.
Note: I do NOT make that face in pictures. Ever.

Blake and Michael flying his Spider Man kite.

 He was a pro!

Blake kept asking me to take pictures of him flying his kite.
 I have 20 more that look just like this


  1. Aww love the pictures! It really does look like a great day.

    And eww about the mole. Creeps me out. I would be horrible in the country, lol.

  2. Great pictures. Your little boy is a handsome one.

    & I second the mole comment. ^ lol

  3. nor do i, ever make a duck face.

    glad you joined us!

  4. cute pics!look like a fun day!