A girl can dream... Right?

I want so much lately....


2013 Infiniti JX35
Three rows... So beautiful 

Why oh why did I cut my hair??
I will take this color as well...

Nothing says BA like a pair of these bad boys

 Summer dresses..
Like a million. 
I don't even want to wear shorts this summer.

My right hand needs some bling.
This is nice and thick for my man hands...

chunky watch. 

A serious tan...
I think I am sticking with sprays though...
I am getting a GIANT sun hat this year :)

Big fat Subway art....
I want this as soon as you walk in my house.
That would be excellent.

I could go on...

That dream session was fun.

Did I miss anything???

1 comment:

  1. I pretty much want everything you listed except for the tan. I'm good in that area ;)