Haircuts and the park

First things first...

Yesterday about 25 seconds after Michael pulled out of the driveway to work, I escorted Blake to the bathroom and cut all his hair off.... As soon as I was done Logan woke up, I handed him a cup of cheese puffs and put him in bathroom for a cut too. I wouldn't say hey liked it exactly but let me tell you he looks so flipping cute right now it was worth it.



Not the best quality but you get the gist....

Looking good right??

We went to the park after Logan's nap today... Sometimes I have an idea to do something or go somewhere and before I know it I have lost the energy to follow through. It's called laziness actually.
Today as I watched my kids toss pillow after pillow off the couch and then "CANNON BALLLLLL" into them I decided we needed to get out. So, quickly before I changed my mind I threw a towel some fruit snacks and a bottle of water in a bag and made a beeline for the park before I got to lazy to actually go lost my energy.
Good call on my part...

I'm not one of those run around, go down the slide, chase my kids around the park for fun moms. I think kids need to learn to play with each other, particularly siblings, more specifically my kids. The park is a good place for that. It is also a good place for me to sit in the sun, read a little, write a little, check Facebook from my phone.... Get up only if there is an injury or an attempted runaway.

Ahhhhh look at them playing together....

Blake and I also made summer to do lists. Lets just say we should have no problem completing his... at all.

More on those tomorrow....

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  1. Love the haircuts!!! Great job :-)

    Judah is only 18 months but I know once he starts throwing pillows to cannon ball or starts running around throwing goldfish all over the place its time to take him outside to let him get his wiggles out.

    Great picture! Your gorgeous :-)