He was so excited all day.

I don't know if it was the promise of a trip to Pet Smart after, that he hadn't been there in so long or that I told him he could play my phone in the waiting room, but Blake was pumped for his physical today. In my head I knew that it wasn't going to end well. All my friends with 4 year old's told me that this physical meant shots. Four shots.

 He did great the whole time leading up to them... Showing the doctor how he can hop on one foot, drawing squares and circles and telling him how he has a green and white bike home that he rides all the time (none of that story was true btw). Then the doctor left, he was told about the shots and he hid under the table.

I had to hold down his arms and chest while the nurse held down his legs and started stabbing my Stinker in the leg (well aware this description is a bit on the dramatic side). He was screaming and crying "Stop it! I don't want shots! Stop! Stop!"  It was really sad. So sad that Logan who was sitting on the chair next to the doctor's table started screaming and crying louder than Blake until it was all over...

It was one of those times when you know you are doing the right thing but it just feels so wrong. That is why once we were done and I wiped away my mom tears I couldn't shove lollipops in their mouths fast enough. We put clothes and shoes on and were outta there.

Or so I thought.

I was holding Blake on the way out and he was still crying saying how hot his head was and that it was so itchy. I asked the doctor on the way out and he said it was because of the meltdown that had just occurred. Made total sense.

By the time we got past the waiting room though Blake had little white bumps all over his head, his ears were super red and he kept saying "its burning, its burning!"... So right back into the doctor's office we went.

He had broken out into hives all over his face, ears and a little on his thighs. Poor boy. He was a hot mess.

 These pictures were taken after the Benadryl was given... It was much worse before the medicine kicked in....

Logan earned that lollipop after being so sad that Blakey was being hurt.

When we left the doctor's office we went to Pet Smart and looked at all the animals. Logan LOVES animals. He was so happy the whole time we were there. Waving goodbye to the lizards and birds as we moved on to the dogs being groomed and the kittens for adoption.

Then we went to the store so I could get Blake more medicine. Then I let him pick out 2 boxes of fruit snacks, juice boxes, ice cream, sprinkles and popcorn chicken. I let him get whatever he wanted and I couldn't have cared less. Good thing we didn't walk through the toy section. There is nothing like mom guilt...Even if it isn't really warranted.

Since we have been home from the doctor Blakey has told me about 16 times that he doesnt like shots...

Me either dude.

**Shout out to number one little brother who was all about making sure his big bro felt better.
You are the best little Schmoopy.


  1. ohh no! - i hate shots too! poor blakey :( i still have a scar on my arm from pulling out a needle and running around the office like a lunatic ... my mom must've been so proud :) (aka mortified) lol.

  2. this was straight tragic.

    please refrain from such posts in the future.

    shot out to blake for making it.
    Logan I see you.