Memorial Day... Heavy on the pictures


Memorial day weekend is over. Trying to pick my favorite part of this past weekend would be impossible. We did so much and yet were still able to put our feet up and relax, enjoy family, get reacquainted. At Sunday's barbecue it was confirmed by all sitting at the round table under the red and white striped awning that our family is happily dysfunctional. It was an all for on, one for all, say it loud say it proud kind of moment... Oh, and someone got a tattoo...

Oh yes I did....

Saturday my mom and I were able to get away just the two of us. When Blake said he was foregoing our day out and staying with his Poppa I got extra excited. Since having kids spending time with any adult without having to tote around a little boy or boys is extra special. Extra. We came home with two dresses, a new tank top, little boy jammies, a Sonic t-shirt and an accidental pack of boys size 14 underpants. They may fit Blakey in high school.

We celebrated memorial day with a parade and a picnic. I may have went a little over board with the pictures at the parade. I was a serious mamarazzi...  and I could have given a shit. There were so many sights to be seen. Oh you didn't know Jesus did Memorial Day parades? You do now. Proof is in the pictures.

The real stars of the weekend were without a doubt the 4 and unders. Watching Logan eat dirt, play in the trees and try and have legit conversations with his cousins was so fun to watch. I see a change in him lately. Being 2 looks good on him. Even if he does turn into The Hulk when he doesn't get what he wants.

Blake also has two new girlfriends...

What would Memorial Day weekend be without a Stewart's cotton candy grand finale? Don't ask me. I wouldn't know. My sister and I snuck out at 9:30 Monday night, got cones, sat at the lone outdoor picnic table... talked about life...

We were on the road Tuesday morning at 8AM, before my mom or sister even left for work... Because every "vacation" has to come to an end and my boys really missed their Dad. Back to business looks like laundry getting put away, grocery shopping, haircuts, a tornado watch, and a gourmet dinner of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Mini Wheats.


  1. We must have been practically standing next to each other at the parade. We witnessed Jesus and all of the other craziness, too. As we were leaving I did hear a little girl shout "A black Bunker!" referring to Olive. Too bad we didn't see each other.

  2. Ash, so sorry I missed you all - hope to see you next time you're down. XO