Someone Turns 2

Happy 2nd Birthday to my LoLo!

I keep going back in my head and reliving this day two years ago.  At this time I would have been getting hooked up to the IV for induction. Then we hung out all day. I ran over a nurse's foot trying to get comfortable in a rocking chair. Eventually around dinner they told me to push and you were out in roughly 30 seconds.

Right now you love Toy Story and Mickey Mouse Club House. You want to do everything your brother does. You have the cutest voice and the loudest scream. You imitate everything on TV. You make the funniest faces.

You are slow to warm up to most people (translation: you don't like everyone and you make sure they know it). You almost always like me though so it's okay...

Happy 2nd Birthday to you my little Boo Boo. Please take it easy on us this year.... Sometimes your Dad and I think you were born with the terrible two's...

We love you so much <3

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