Throwbackkkkkkkkkk... a bachelorette story

I'm bored.
And staring at a box of pictures that were all ruined in our mini flood last year.
So annoying.
Anyway, I was going to do a throwback of all baby pictures of myself. There is really nothing I like to do better than look back at pictures of little Ash and wish I could pick myself up (that is weird... and true).
But I decided to go a different route instead.

When we left for my bachelorette party I had no idea where we were going. I just kept thinking if I end up in Lake George Village someone's head is gonna roll (I actually just totally made that thought up). Anywho, I woke up Saturday morning waiting for the fun to begin when a Chevy Yukon rolled up. Maybe it wasn't a Yukon... it could have been another big car, I know it had three rows. (This story is riveting thus far)... anyway we got in and started picking all the girls up one by one.
Then we got on the road and everyone knew where we were going... but me. After an hour I was handed an envelope that said clue #1 (it might have said nothing..I am seriously just making stuff up today). Anyway I was so pumped to open that envelope.
Inside, this is what I found....

And that was it...
what a let down.
Someone almost got a donkey punch to the throat.

So I started to pout and after another hour in the car they gave me my 2nd envelope!
Hooray!!!!! Finally something I can work with... Lets put this puzzle together!

(cricket.... cricket)
Wow. these girls are hilarious.
The only thing I will say is that any comment is more funny when you put dummy on the end... Because then it becomes an insult. Try it.
Lucky for them I was already insulted by the first envelope.

Third envelope comes and I am thinking what is the next waste of paper that will be given to me???
But alas we were actually getting somewhere...

Wooooooo Hooooooo!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!
(truth time.... It is a very good thing that Danielle actually indicated what state Atlantic City is in. I honestly would have had no idea. I think I thought it was in NYC... A borough no one talks about or something. Now I know and will never forget Atlantic city= Dirty Jerz)
Now I am really excited. All is forgiven for the two useless envelopes that I threw out the window in a fit of rage on the interstate. I am being fed all sorts of delightful information. We are staying at the Borgata! Erin is meeting us there!! We are going to drink this giant bottle of champagne!!! The Borgata has a Fat Burger!!!! Life is good.... 
And then they hand me the 4th envelope.... A 4th envelope? 
I know!

Boo Yah Indeed!!!!! (Wanna take the ghetto out of anything? add the word indeed. fun fact)
I was SOOOOO excited. I started to sweat and then do this eyes closed, buck toothed, dolphin clap and then I smashed my head on the ceiling of the car from jumping up and down in excitement. 

And then we went and it was awesome.
End of throwback. 

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  1. Hehe this made me laugh! So fun!! Your friends are clever!