We threw a party, yeah we threw a party....

(Better Laura?)

The boys had their birthday extravaganza Saturday...
I spent the morning at the ER with strep throat.
I DID NOT KNOW that strep throat was more than a sore throat...
Lesson learned.
I didn't take the pictures I wanted.
I sat in a chair the whole time trying to keep it together.

The best parts were that despite my dramas the boys had so. much. fun.
The whole family came up to celebrate.
They were surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, lots of cousins..
All Blake's buddies from school came and it was so fun to watch them all together.

Here are the pictures I have :)

 Cakes from Chasity Seymour.... Delicious

 The chocolate was TDF... 
So delicious...

 I know this picture looks bad... 
But just a few seconds later we gave him a cupcake and he was good to go.

 Blake waiting patiently.

 Time for presents...
Spider man web shooter... 

 Cars computer...
Don't mind that sick weirdo all the way to the right.
She was heavily medicated.

 This picture cracks me up. Please note my hand on the bat to keep Blake's buddy Jake safe.

This was way to good not to add...

 Logan opened his presents alone in true Lo Lo style

 Batman Bike!!!

The only picture of the moon bounce..
Blake was filling his face with pinata candy. 

Big thanks to this guy for taking such good care of me and the boys while I was down for the count.

**** Also thank you to my sister and cousin Morgan for doing my whole list of things to do Saturday morning for me and coming up and watching my kids Friday while I was sick in bed. 
*** Thanks also to my cousin Danielle for cleaning my whole kitchen... You earned those white frosted cupcakes.
*** Thanks to everyone else who made my boys day so special. They loved everything and slept fantastic that night.

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