Weekend in pictures

Things have been busy around here.
We have been enjoying the weather, our swing set and our new pool.
With better weather comes the issue of time management.
Technically I am a stay at home mom. But I also have a job that at times could require up to 20 hours of work a week.
Time management has always been a problem for me. In high school and college waiting until the night before a 10 page paper was due to start was common practice...
Even today, trading what I should be doing time for what I want to be doing time is an issue. Schedules and to-do lists don't mean much when they are shoved in a drawer or thrown in the kitchen basket... Especially when it is 85 degrees and the sun is shining directly on our backyard.

That my friends is why I LOVE the weekend.

New pool

 My name is DJ Lance DJ Lance DJ Lance Rock

  New Spongebob Squarepants game and Angry Birds tee.

Snot. Ew.

Ended the weekend with a mom date.
And these.
And dinner.
And a movie... What to Expect When You're Expecting.
do yourself a favor and rent it.

By the way I missed my blogs birthday last week...
Happy birthday to Stink&Schmoop...
Cheers to a years worth of saved memories.
Wish I had that margarita right now.


  1. I wish I had a margarita and I have nothing to celebrate. Happy blog birthday!

    I love all the pictures, so cute! Well except the snot one, haha.

    Thanks for saving me $11. I was going to see it this weekend.

  2. Save your money girl...
    Get a margarita instead!! :)