What we have been doing lately....

First, Happy Mother's Day!

To my mom, 
to my mother in law, 
to my sister in law,
to my aunts, 
to my mom friends, 
to my mom cousins, 
to my soon to be mom cousin <3, 
to my friends of four legged furry babies
to anyone I may have forgotten....

Moms make the world go round... I know that now that I am a mom ;)

Saturday Logan took a 4 hour nap which gave me time to hang out with Blakey while Michael mowed the lawn. We played on our new awesome swing set, drew with 3D chalk, went for the shortest walk ever, ate candy and freeze pops, drank bug juice.... The usual....

After Logan's afternoon siesta we went and picked up cousin Adysen for a sleepover. They played birthday party and super heroes all night... I don't know what they were playing this morning but they were referring to each other only as dude for about 45 minutes.

 Oh you don't know how to play birthday party?
Now you know....

Logan is less than cooperative when it comes to getting in pictures. I have to take his picture when he is barely paying attention... Like at breakfast or when he is running around like a lunatic...

Then we played outside:

We wrapped Mother's day up with dinner at Applebee's..... Blake has been asking to go to Applebee's for months now.... He ate 5 bites. Anyway, here are my Mother's Day pictures with my boys... Edited with picmonkey. 


  1. I <3 the pics of you and the boys!!!

  2. Great pictures!! Your boys are adorable!

    Happy Mother's Day!