First trimester...

I forgot how tired I get... Like I know these boys need to be supervised 100% of the time and that if I close my eyes for even 14 seconds disaster is likely to strike but at the same time the back of my lids are so freaking attractive right now. I also suck at doing things. Like laundry and dishes and sweeping and bringing the boys outside in the backyard and cooking. I hate cooking.

I forgot how things that would regularly annoy me at like a 4 level now are about a 9.5 on the Ashley is so annoyed scale... and things that would annoy me at like a 7 are off the mother effing scale. Usually things annoy me I bitch about them and then I feel better and let go. These past two weeks though? Holding on to everything. everything.

I forgot I become a freaking moron when I am pregnant. I can turn a two step process into a ten step process. I have been forgetting things already too... Not good.

I'm sure there are other things but right now this is all I got. I forgot how tired, irritable and stupid I become.

Anxiously waiting for 8:00 to roll around so I can go to bed.

How did I express myself before ecards?

Trying really hard to make the best of this summer. And it is already almost July.... 
How did that happen?


Hot Day #1

Its 91 degrees here today. Since we aren't leaving the house or going outside I have translated this to mean that no one has to get dressed. A bed out of blankets and pillows has taken over the living room and playdoh is all over the kitchen floor... The boys picked Mickey Mouse Christmas to rent off the TV so I'll be watching that for the next 44 hours.

Random things to note...
- My hair has turned an awful shade of red/brown since I dyed it and have been in the sun so much. Back to dark brown tomorrow. I hate red hair on me.
- We have already started our "we are going to have three kids and we need to be prepared" list. More on that later.
- I plan on doing all the dirty laundry in my house as soon as I am done with this post.
- Still have no idea what is for dinner and it is 4:00
- Yesterday I set up the tripod that came with my camera for Christmas and we had a little photo shoot
- Both my memory cards are totally full... Boo.

That's it for now.


This time around

I may have mentioned before somewhere that for both my previous pregnancies I managed to gain 60 lbs. DOUBLE the recommended amount.Very sad true story.  I looked especially large and in charge when I was pregnant for Blake.
Now that I find myself expecting again there are certain things that I hope not to let happen this time around. Gaining 60 lbs being number one on the list. Especially because I felt so awful about how I looked after both my kids were born.I did lose the weight but it was a slow process and I hated my body while it was transforming back.
Besides that though, I hope this time around I actually enjoy being pregnant. I want to take pictures of my belly and wear cute maternity clothes (which will be much easier if I don't gain 60 lbs). I even have this post saved on the top of my toolbar to keep me motivated.

I also think revisiting myself early April 2008 may help...

What I am about to show you may not be suitable for young eyes...

Oh. Em. Gee.

Was I hungry or what??
Not this time around.......
Dear God please not this time around.


Laura's summer salad and some other big news

I feel like the more women I meet the more I realize that I am not alone in my dislike of cooking/meal planning.
That is why from now on when I find a really easy recipe (5 ingredients or less)
I am going to share it right here
A 5 ingredient or less page found right underneath my header. 

So without further ado...

Laura's Summer Salad ...

Chop up the following
1 tomato, 1cucumber (I peel the skin), 2 apples ( I like Gala)
Mix with red wine vinegar (to taste)

Super Easy and everyone will love it!

I also add watermelon and sometimes red onion. 
It is so good and refreshing and filling and 0 points for Weight Watchers.

So you should definitely try this and let me know what you think....
More easy 5 or less recipes on the way.
You are so welcome...


I also wanted to share some other important news going on in the Porter house.

(embracing the camera with our new baby... kinda ;))
One last Porter baby for this soon to be family of 5. 
We are so excited. 
Due February 4, 2013...
Can't wait.


Blake's last day of school....

I don't know if it is possible for me to post this transformation on one more media outlet. But I cannot believe the change that has occurred in just one school year. I wish I could go back to that first day of school. The ghost of first day of school past could bring me there in a dream and I could relive all of it. I want to remember what he said, what his voice was like, I want to give a giant hug to that little guy in the plaid button up and tell him how much he is going to grow in the next few months, that all these little boys running around will morph into a 4 year old clique known only as "the buddies", that on one Tuesday you are going to cry for me and not want me to leave you at school. That I had to leave you because I was crying too, and that not even 2 minutes after I left you were just fine.
Great kids. Great parents. Great teachers = Perfect school year
See pictures from the first day of school right here.

This is where the crazy faces started!!


"If these blocks aren't picked up in 5 seconds I'm going to lose it.. I am actually going to lose my mind"

Here's the thing.

I don't mind a mess every now and then.

I know kids are messy.

My boys are 2 and 4. It comes with the territory.

Here is what I don't understand.

How I can watch you clean a whole classroom everytime with your friends at school but when I say "Stink can you put all your blocks back in the bin", the selective hearing kicks in. When I say "Seriously dude, I need you to pick up those blocks. You didn't even play with them", you are all of a sudden SO Tired. When I say " If you pick up those blocks I'll give your fruit snacks" and you still don't make ANY effort to even move a limb. So finally I say scream like a lunatic something like "If these blocks aren't picked up in 5 seconds I am going to lose it... I am actually going to lose my mind!!!"

So this morning when I went into the kids rooms and they were both destroyed and we did the usual me begging them to clean up and them ignoring me, I made them go downstairs in their playroom and I took all the toys out of their bedrooms. Sweat dripping down my forehead because I was doing it in a fit of rage... 

Actually all I did was take all the toys that were in their bedrooms and put them downstairs in their toy room. Their bedrooms are nothing but beds dressers and fans now... Which means that instead of me cleaning the same toys 4-5 times a day in their bedrooms, I will continue to clean this room once a week.   

Can you imagine what this is going to look like in a week???

In other news yesterdays list was completed today. 

1. Laundry
2. Clean bathrooms
3. Change Lo's sheet
4. Clean toy room
5. Laundry
6. Eat Spaghetti
7. Start 1st summer book
8. Make Michael a to do list
9. Mop kitchen floor

Hoping for a productive week :)



1. Laundry
2. Clean bathrooms
3. Change Lo's sheet
4. Clean toy room
5. Laundry
6. Eat Spaghetti
7. Start 1st summer book
8. Make Michael a to do list
9. Mop kitchen floor

I made this list at 11AM.

And that is where it ended. Because its raining and rain makes me want to lay on my couch under my favorite blanket and watch movies and read books. Of course I couldn't do that either.... But that goes without staying.

Blake and Mom watching "Mouse in the Potty"
(Flushed Away)

Tomorrow I will wake up knowing that items 1,2,3,5,7,8,9 and a few others need to be completed before the work week. Have I mentioned I loathe laundry? Well I sure do.

Speaking of lists.. When we are at the park the other day I had a few minutes to sit down and make some summer goals. I got into it. I sub-categorized my goals.Nothing to hard. I hate to strain myself.

Goes a little something like this.

1. Read 10 books
fiction/nonfiction/biographies/inspirational/how to's
Yard sale season is in full effect up here so I got my first summer selection for 25 cents.

Have I mentioned how much I love yard sales?

2. Get the boys outside as much as possible
beach/parks/morning walks/evening walks/REALLY use the swing set/ put a chair in our pool

3. Visit Laura in Boston (see, my sister is moving to Boston tomorrow for 3 months... 
It is going to be awesome)
1x with Michael and the boys/1x with my mom and aunt 

4. Work at least eight hours a week
Service plan's/Budgets/All requests/Work at night
Be a great case manager.

5. Visit my mom and dad at least once a month 

One of the many gnomes residing at my mom and dads. 
I fear that I may have inherited my father's love for lawn ornaments...
and when I say fear I mean love.

Our last visit was a complete success...
Cant wait for June's!

6. Have as many visitors as possible (and yes I am about to call people out)
Danielle, Aura, Erin, Chris, Pete, Alisha, Rick, Shana, Michael, KQ, Kira, Bub, Ash and the boys, Mom and Dad, Jenna and the kids, Ana and Danielle and Dylan.... And anyone else. 

7. Pros and cons list for Michael switching work shifts...
Pretty much already taken care of

8. Finish all inside projects
kitchen, windows downstairs, railing in entrance
List for Michael to follow.

Then Blakey came over and he made a summer to do list.