Blake's last day of school....

I don't know if it is possible for me to post this transformation on one more media outlet. But I cannot believe the change that has occurred in just one school year. I wish I could go back to that first day of school. The ghost of first day of school past could bring me there in a dream and I could relive all of it. I want to remember what he said, what his voice was like, I want to give a giant hug to that little guy in the plaid button up and tell him how much he is going to grow in the next few months, that all these little boys running around will morph into a 4 year old clique known only as "the buddies", that on one Tuesday you are going to cry for me and not want me to leave you at school. That I had to leave you because I was crying too, and that not even 2 minutes after I left you were just fine.
Great kids. Great parents. Great teachers = Perfect school year
See pictures from the first day of school right here.

This is where the crazy faces started!!

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  1. he looks so big now compared to then! And he's got his 4yr old photo pose down...what a cool lil dude! :)