Hot Day #1

Its 91 degrees here today. Since we aren't leaving the house or going outside I have translated this to mean that no one has to get dressed. A bed out of blankets and pillows has taken over the living room and playdoh is all over the kitchen floor... The boys picked Mickey Mouse Christmas to rent off the TV so I'll be watching that for the next 44 hours.

Random things to note...
- My hair has turned an awful shade of red/brown since I dyed it and have been in the sun so much. Back to dark brown tomorrow. I hate red hair on me.
- We have already started our "we are going to have three kids and we need to be prepared" list. More on that later.
- I plan on doing all the dirty laundry in my house as soon as I am done with this post.
- Still have no idea what is for dinner and it is 4:00
- Yesterday I set up the tripod that came with my camera for Christmas and we had a little photo shoot
- Both my memory cards are totally full... Boo.

That's it for now.

1 comment:

  1. I love days when no one has to get dressed. Best of luck with 44 hours of Mickey Mouse, though! :)