This time around

I may have mentioned before somewhere that for both my previous pregnancies I managed to gain 60 lbs. DOUBLE the recommended amount.Very sad true story.  I looked especially large and in charge when I was pregnant for Blake.
Now that I find myself expecting again there are certain things that I hope not to let happen this time around. Gaining 60 lbs being number one on the list. Especially because I felt so awful about how I looked after both my kids were born.I did lose the weight but it was a slow process and I hated my body while it was transforming back.
Besides that though, I hope this time around I actually enjoy being pregnant. I want to take pictures of my belly and wear cute maternity clothes (which will be much easier if I don't gain 60 lbs). I even have this post saved on the top of my toolbar to keep me motivated.

I also think revisiting myself early April 2008 may help...

What I am about to show you may not be suitable for young eyes...

Oh. Em. Gee.

Was I hungry or what??
Not this time around.......
Dear God please not this time around.


  1. ...I gained 50 with my first and 55 with my second and I ate wayyyyyyyy better with my second!!! However, I am crossing my fingers that your story is different!

  2. Crossing fingers for you!! I'm so excited to follow along!

  3. recomedation: my friend is preg and she told her doctor that it will be tough but she wants her doc to monitor and basically yell at her when she gains to much weight. she said her gyno was worst that the pressure of being the fat kid at weight watchers class. If she gained an extra 1/2 lb that what she was suppose to for the week her doctor was on her like CRAY. may be worthwhile sugar plum!

    1. No way!!!!
      I had no idea you could tell doctor's to yell at you. Do you know that one month when I was pregnant for Blake I gained 11 lbs. and no one said a god damn thing... Just let me continue on my path to being the 600lb mom. I am having a serious talk at my next appointment.