1. Laundry
2. Clean bathrooms
3. Change Lo's sheet
4. Clean toy room
5. Laundry
6. Eat Spaghetti
7. Start 1st summer book
8. Make Michael a to do list
9. Mop kitchen floor

I made this list at 11AM.

And that is where it ended. Because its raining and rain makes me want to lay on my couch under my favorite blanket and watch movies and read books. Of course I couldn't do that either.... But that goes without staying.

Blake and Mom watching "Mouse in the Potty"
(Flushed Away)

Tomorrow I will wake up knowing that items 1,2,3,5,7,8,9 and a few others need to be completed before the work week. Have I mentioned I loathe laundry? Well I sure do.

Speaking of lists.. When we are at the park the other day I had a few minutes to sit down and make some summer goals. I got into it. I sub-categorized my goals.Nothing to hard. I hate to strain myself.

Goes a little something like this.

1. Read 10 books
fiction/nonfiction/biographies/inspirational/how to's
Yard sale season is in full effect up here so I got my first summer selection for 25 cents.

Have I mentioned how much I love yard sales?

2. Get the boys outside as much as possible
beach/parks/morning walks/evening walks/REALLY use the swing set/ put a chair in our pool

3. Visit Laura in Boston (see, my sister is moving to Boston tomorrow for 3 months... 
It is going to be awesome)
1x with Michael and the boys/1x with my mom and aunt 

4. Work at least eight hours a week
Service plan's/Budgets/All requests/Work at night
Be a great case manager.

5. Visit my mom and dad at least once a month 

One of the many gnomes residing at my mom and dads. 
I fear that I may have inherited my father's love for lawn ornaments...
and when I say fear I mean love.

Our last visit was a complete success...
Cant wait for June's!

6. Have as many visitors as possible (and yes I am about to call people out)
Danielle, Aura, Erin, Chris, Pete, Alisha, Rick, Shana, Michael, KQ, Kira, Bub, Ash and the boys, Mom and Dad, Jenna and the kids, Ana and Danielle and Dylan.... And anyone else. 

7. Pros and cons list for Michael switching work shifts...
Pretty much already taken care of

8. Finish all inside projects
kitchen, windows downstairs, railing in entrance
List for Michael to follow.

Then Blakey came over and he made a summer to do list.

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