Things I did today

1. Bought something off Craigslist

2. Brought the boys for a quick play date where Blake ran over the hostesses foot in a Barbie Jeep.

3. Washed, dried and brought upstairs a load of towels and sheets. I am currently still staring at it on the
    couch... Not getting folded today laundry... not today.

4. Bought something else off Craigslist

5. Made a box of macaroni and cheese for dinner

6. Watched three episodes of Property Virgins

7. Read Suri's Burn Book in its entirety. Have you ever read something and been convinced that someone was in your brain stealing your thoughts? Read this and you will. I love.

I am really excited for this first trimester to be over. Only two weeks left. I'm lucky that I have hardly felt sick at all, but I want to have energy again. I really hope I get some and that this is not just a new pattern of summer laziness. That really will not work. 
My belly is starting to get thick I think. I don't look pregnant yet, just a little chunky in the middle. Also my love affair with food has been rekindled. 

I will not gain 60 pounds this time. I will not gain 60 pounds this time. I will not gain 60 pounds this time.

The post that was one thing and then became something else

** This post started out with things I want to remember when I look back on this blog years from now... Then it somehow morphed into things that I want to change about me now. Which is kind of weird. This post has no flow. But when I was done typing I felt better. Ahhhhhhhhhhh...... Try and stay with it if you can, if not totally ignore it all and the next post will have fun pictures of the boys at the beach or something.
Some things for me to remember....

I know I will look back on some of the things that I wrote here and cringe and be embarrassed and then wonder how I have friends. (That may or may not happen all the time when I read old posts).

I will probably read some things and wonder what I was really thinking that day or what I left out. I will wonder how I really felt and how I must have made my kids or Michael feel. (Because I don't share 100% of the truth yet. It's not that I lie, I just sometimes omit to make my life picture look prettier... Maybe one day I will be comfortable enough to share.. Maybe.

I will always look back and be irritated that I wasn't in more pictures with my kids. Ugh..
I look at last week's posts and get mad that I didn't say to someone " Quick, take a picture of us!". I need to train Michael to take pictures of memories while they are happening. All my pictures are posed and me smiling and cheesy. More life pictures. I will wish for more of those. I am actually going to start making that happen. Hear that Michael? Or anyone else who is around and can snap life pictures? And not just me with my kids. With my parents, with my family, my friends, sister, other important to me babies. All of them. Everyone knows candid pictures are the best. And the worst....
But mostly the best.

I want to make sure I look back and it is clear and obvious how happy we were. Not everyday. That's not realistic. But that most days were happy days. Because, really, that's the way it should be. Being happy at the park or the beach or in the snow or sitting in our living room watching Caillou.
I get frustrated easy. I hate that about me. I don't want that to be how my kids remember most days... walking on egg shells because Mom was a lunatic. Breathing exercises in full effect tomorrow. I'll pray for more patience.
Operation most days are happy days in full effect.

I want myself to stop comparing myself to EVERY OTHER PERSON ON THE PLANET. Do you have any idea how draining this is? Seriously exhausting. Comparing this person's body, hair, home, car, how they write, the pictures they take, how fun other people's lives look on Facebook, how people treat others compared to how they treat me, how smart they are, how old I am, how young I am... AHHHH!! Seriously. I really need to cut it out. I wonder if this is something everyone does.. Hmmm.... I don't think it is, maybe a little bit. I think there are people who are generally happy with their surroundings. They don't strive for the best body or nicest car or biggest house. They are just happy. I want that. I will consider this Operation most days are happy part two.

I read somewhere that if you are going to compare yourself to anyone, you should compare yourself to a past version of yourself... and if I do that things look pretty good. 


"A Special" heavy on the pictures

Yesterday we rode the ferry to Burlington and brought the boys to ECHO and out to lunch.
When we arrived to get on the ferry it was pulling away.
We had 70 minutes to kill before the next ferry came.
The boys went on the swings, down the slide, Lo went for an impromptu swim in the lake, we took a trip to the snack bar, ate fruit snacks and went to the bathroom.
After all that we had 65 minutes to kill.

Then the ferry came and we took the hour ride over to Burlington.
We ate hot dogs and M&M's and walked around and looked at the passing boats.
Then Blake played Angry Birds and Logan scared everyone that sat next to us away with his scream.

Then we got off the boat and walked to ECHO.
The boys liked it well enough. I don't think will go back until Logan is a little older.
They liked the big fish. I liked the turtles. They liked playing in the play place.

We left ECHO, got lunch, then ice cream. (We ate a lot right?)
Blake got a Spiderman that he chewed the eyeballs off of and was done.
Logan got a bomb pop and he ate the whole thing.
Then we walked back to get on the ferry. We were a little early but the Burlington side has a much better playground that actually kept the boys occupied and happy until the ferry came to pick us up.

Then we got on the ferry and the ride home was a hot mess.
We got off the ferry, drove home, threw the kids in the tub, scrubbed the filth off of them and put them to bed.
The boys were both sleeping by 7:30.
I was passed out by 9:00.
Those boys wore me out.
And I was in a food coma.
The end.


Saturday night

Saw this on Pinterest today.
I love it.
Trying to let go is hard. 
I'm working on it.

Blake is staying at his GeGe and Poppy's tonight so it's just me and Lo. 
He has been so good. I love being able to hang out just me and him. 
We went for a walk. He was crazy.

I love that boy.
You too Stink.


4th of July

I drove the boys down to my mom and dads to celebrate the 4th of July this year. We had a last minute bbq at my aunt and uncle's where my kids swam and swam and swam.
It is so funny when you think your kids are not going to like something and then they turn out to love it.
Like Logan... with swimming.
He was so happy in the water. He wouldn't even let anyone touch him. We all had to just watch from a step away. He was screaming and splashing the whole time and through a nice little holiday tantrum when it was time to get out.