"A Special" heavy on the pictures

Yesterday we rode the ferry to Burlington and brought the boys to ECHO and out to lunch.
When we arrived to get on the ferry it was pulling away.
We had 70 minutes to kill before the next ferry came.
The boys went on the swings, down the slide, Lo went for an impromptu swim in the lake, we took a trip to the snack bar, ate fruit snacks and went to the bathroom.
After all that we had 65 minutes to kill.

Then the ferry came and we took the hour ride over to Burlington.
We ate hot dogs and M&M's and walked around and looked at the passing boats.
Then Blake played Angry Birds and Logan scared everyone that sat next to us away with his scream.

Then we got off the boat and walked to ECHO.
The boys liked it well enough. I don't think will go back until Logan is a little older.
They liked the big fish. I liked the turtles. They liked playing in the play place.

We left ECHO, got lunch, then ice cream. (We ate a lot right?)
Blake got a Spiderman that he chewed the eyeballs off of and was done.
Logan got a bomb pop and he ate the whole thing.
Then we walked back to get on the ferry. We were a little early but the Burlington side has a much better playground that actually kept the boys occupied and happy until the ferry came to pick us up.

Then we got on the ferry and the ride home was a hot mess.
We got off the ferry, drove home, threw the kids in the tub, scrubbed the filth off of them and put them to bed.
The boys were both sleeping by 7:30.
I was passed out by 9:00.
Those boys wore me out.
And I was in a food coma.
The end.


  1. Ha. Sounds sounds like a fun day, hot mess and all!

  2. Sounds like fun! Glad to hear about someone else that pulls out the angry birds in long waiting situations! My boys think going to the doctor and angry birds are the same thing.

  3. What a great day :) Lovely pictures!

  4. Sounds like a pretty good day! Your boys are cute!!

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Adorable pictures too! Xxx