The boys room

I never had to share a room with my sister growing up so I was never really keen on the idea of my kids having to share either.
But now we have a third little bit on the way and that means Stink and Schmoopy are gonna be roommates.
Everyone I talk to who has kids that share a room say that the kids love it.
And I sure hope that is true for mine.
And since them sharing a room is inevitable, I want their room to be a really nice and special place for them.
We don't do a lot of toys in the boys rooms because they have a playroom downstairs where all that goes. Also, I got really sick of picking up the same toys 100 times a day so before I lost my shit and set all their toys on fire I moved everything downstairs.

We have some great ideas for the boys room and I have been searching Pinterest almost daily for more. It isn't a really big room so we will have to get creative but I know it will look great for them.
Here is some of my pinspiration :)

via Pottery Barn Kids

via google images

I have so many ideas... 
I hope Michael is ready :)


One of those days.

Today was one of those days.
Started out with the best intentions and then,
Well... never got rolling.
It is 7PM and I am still wearing what I wore to bed last night.
I made to do lists,want to do lists, these things should be done already lists.
But nothing got done, really.
I watched Michael go back to work after his two week vacation at 11AM
and I said to myself get up and get going you have things to do... Remember your lists?!
But I just didn't.
I never left the house.
I managed to get a little work done,but not as much as I should have.
I managed to get one load of laundry done but there is so much more.
I cooked dinner but it wasn't what I had planned.
I didn't even Instagram...
and that is how you know I am having an off day.
Nothing really came together.
I hate days like today.
I feel lazy and gross.

Half way through the day I made an after dinner schedule.
Just to get a better idea of all the things we need to get done before bed.
For me and the boys.
We tried it and I hope I can stick to it because it actually seemed to help.

Tomorrow will be better.
I can already tell.

And for your viewing pleasure here is a collage that I forgot to add to my Vacation part 2 post...
A serious dance party broke out before one of our beach walks one morning.
I have already made a mental note to buy my kids new pj's that cover their ankles :)


Vacation Part 2: Rhode Island


There is something to be said for tradition.
Which is why I love going to Rhode Island every year.
We spend our mornings walking the beach. 
Stopping for coconut coffee, frozen hot chocolate and sprinkle donuts.
Days are at the beach building sand castles, boogie boarding, chasing Logan into the ocean and snacking on chips and salsa and peanut M&M's.

 Beach day 1

 Someone learned to boogie board this vacation!

 @ Watch Hill...

 Attempted family photo.

Morning beach walks.. Smoothies and donuts

 Last day... Relaxing.

Showing off his new goggles....

Vacation was so fun.
We can't wait for next year!


Vacation part 1: Boston

You guys....

Vacation was so good.
I didn't realize how much we needed to get away until we were actually away.
It was so fun bringing the boys to a new place and watching them take it all in.
Vacation started with a night at my parents to break up the 5 hour ride.
Then we made our way to Boston.
I had a lot of car sickness this vacation which always ended up meaning I needed to eat something
(go figure)....
Michael and I love Boston and an added bonus of course is that my sister currently lives there and could show us all around....
Intercontinental Boston

The Curious George Store...
That tea set came home with us...
Boys like tea too.

The great thing about Boston? Well one of them anyway, the restaurants.
They are loud and delicious and busy and super kid friendly. 
Caramel banana french toast (sadly not pictured), we will meet again <3.

Night one. Baths in the super tub.
Oreo and Nutter Butters before bed.
The boys were so good...

Who loved the pool?
Everyone! (Except me.)
Happy boys....

Then we went to the zoo...

 Logan slept for the first hour...

 Some animals are really freaking ugly...
Case and point, bottom left corner.
so gross
 The gorillas were everyone's favorite...

It is evident from this picture I care much more how my kids are dressed than how I dress myself...

The 18th was also Michael's 30th birthday....
Laura and I ventured out to get him some specialty cupcakes like cookie dough, Oreo, s'more and Nutella...
Then we went to The Barking Crab for a lobster dinner....

Boston was great.
We can't wait to go back.
Tomorrow= Vacation part 2: Rhode Island


Shit my kids say

Blake: Mom what's a mummy???
Me: Ummm... errr... wellll... you see... It's a thing wrapped in toilet paper
Blake: But what does it do?
Me: Pretend to pick imaginary lint off my shirt and walk away.
end of conversation. I don't know what a mummy is or what the hell it does.

(What are mummys???? ahhhhhhhh. Extensive mummy research added to my Wednesday to do list)

Blake walks over to me with cookie cutters and asks which one I want.
I tell him the pink heart.
He stabs me in the knee with the sharp edge of the heart cookie cutter.
Me: Ouch dude, you can't do that on the bone. You have to do it on my leg. On the fat.
Blake: Mom, there is fat here... and here... and here.... and here.... and here.......

(Mom your entire body is fat... stab stab stab)

6:00PM on Tuesday night
Blake: Mom can you find my goggles?
Me: no. I'll look for them tomorrow.
Blake: I want to try them on and wear them to bed.

(Blake ready for bed... I'm fully aware this is a little cartoon girl. Just go with it)

Logan: Get goo Get goo ahhhhhhhhh gudda gudda No No No.
spit spit spit all over the floor
Me: Logan don't spit. It's disgusting.

(suck it mom... Hope you like cleaning saliva off of EVERY surface in this house)

Then I walk to the bathroom and shove Tylenol down my throat to ease the immediate headache

(Keep screaming and spitting I will just be sitting here eating a delicious bowl of Advil)


quick update

Hi everyone.
I have missed this blog.
My little space.
Things are going pretty good.
Last Friday I brought Blake to my doctor appointment so he could hear the baby's heart beat.
He was mildly impressed. More impressed with the donut I bought him after.
I am now in my 13th week of pregnancy. I have gained 2 pounds so far.
Still determined to not gain 60 pounds this time around.
I can handle 35 or 40.
I can't handle 60.
I eat a lot of bananas and peanut butter and jelly on toast.
I'm still working on the water intake.
I still tire pretty easy and I get an upset stomach at least once or twice a day.
I am still working on names and have an ongoing list (all recommendations welcome).
We find out what we are having September 14th. Very excited.
I'll take some pictures tomorrow.