One of those days.

Today was one of those days.
Started out with the best intentions and then,
Well... never got rolling.
It is 7PM and I am still wearing what I wore to bed last night.
I made to do lists,want to do lists, these things should be done already lists.
But nothing got done, really.
I watched Michael go back to work after his two week vacation at 11AM
and I said to myself get up and get going you have things to do... Remember your lists?!
But I just didn't.
I never left the house.
I managed to get a little work done,but not as much as I should have.
I managed to get one load of laundry done but there is so much more.
I cooked dinner but it wasn't what I had planned.
I didn't even Instagram...
and that is how you know I am having an off day.
Nothing really came together.
I hate days like today.
I feel lazy and gross.

Half way through the day I made an after dinner schedule.
Just to get a better idea of all the things we need to get done before bed.
For me and the boys.
We tried it and I hope I can stick to it because it actually seemed to help.

Tomorrow will be better.
I can already tell.

And for your viewing pleasure here is a collage that I forgot to add to my Vacation part 2 post...
A serious dance party broke out before one of our beach walks one morning.
I have already made a mental note to buy my kids new pj's that cover their ankles :)


  1. ummm that dance party looks awesome! blakes leg move bent in the air. straight killer.

  2. also hysterical to see world chemistry prize winner (soon-to-be) lo, let his hair done a bit and cut the rug! lol