The boys room

I never had to share a room with my sister growing up so I was never really keen on the idea of my kids having to share either.
But now we have a third little bit on the way and that means Stink and Schmoopy are gonna be roommates.
Everyone I talk to who has kids that share a room say that the kids love it.
And I sure hope that is true for mine.
And since them sharing a room is inevitable, I want their room to be a really nice and special place for them.
We don't do a lot of toys in the boys rooms because they have a playroom downstairs where all that goes. Also, I got really sick of picking up the same toys 100 times a day so before I lost my shit and set all their toys on fire I moved everything downstairs.

We have some great ideas for the boys room and I have been searching Pinterest almost daily for more. It isn't a really big room so we will have to get creative but I know it will look great for them.
Here is some of my pinspiration :)

via Pottery Barn Kids

via google images

I have so many ideas... 
I hope Michael is ready :)

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  1. Haha hope he's ready too!

    Great rooms! I loved sharing with my sister growing up. It was like having a sleepover every night.