So we are going to round out our family with another boy.

The entire pregnancy leading up to September 14th I was kind of clueless as to what we we would be having. When I was pregnant with both Blake and Logan I had a feeling that they were boys.
I just wasn't really feeling either way this time around.

The first 20 weeks of my pregnancy I had thought it would be nice to have a girl. Pink and purple would have been a nice change, cheerleading and gymnastics would have been cool. But more than all that I always wanted to have a relationship with my daughter like the one I have with my mom.

But who says I can't?

I have one sister. I never saw or paid attention to any mother/son relationships. We didn't have any of that going on. But you know where I do have that going on? Right here. With these two little guys. Who, not to toot my own horn, adore their mother. Boys love their moms. They take care of their moms. My dad and uncle sure did.

So would I be lying if I didn't take a second after I found out this baby was a boy and reflect on the fact that I would never have a daughter? Yes I would. But am I totally okay with this baby being a boy? I sure am. In fact, now that I know it to be true, I am so excited. I can't wait to see the relationship these boys will all have. I can't wait to get all my baby boy clothes out for another round. I don't want to rush the next 4 more months but I can't wait to see what he will look like and hold him and give him a million kisses.

But for now... These two all day.....

All day.


Last week

Last week was busy. We had school and soccer and baby appointments and traveling for work and a birthday and speech and........
It was just a lot.
Soccer started last Monday. You saw the pictures. Blake is Team Orange. He loves soccer. Every night when it's over he tells me how much fun he had. Saturday is his first game. Two ten minute halves and a five minute intermission.

A little refresher....

Wednesday school started. We had our usual photo shoot. I have to say that while these pictures present a happy morning... It just really wasn't. I made lets go back to school with a special breakfast muffins and neither of my kids wanted to eat them. While I was getting dressed to bring Blake to school the boys wouldn't stop fighting and then hitting and then kicking and then crying, which ended with me screaming. Nothing says back to school like two kids fighting over a Buzz Light Year doll and a Roku remote.

And that was before school even started.
Parents had to stay the first day and do a scavenger hunt to help get their kids reacquainted with the classroom.
It started out okay. Make a first day of school picture frame, go the gym room and do some somersaults, find the teachers and get a sticker.
Then Blakey got bored. He wanted to go back to the gym room. He forgot how to draw a circle and how to hold a crayon. I felt like all the kids around him were contemplating quantum physics while Blake was holding his crayon with his teeth. It was a mess.
Oh, and we managed to break a brand new puzzle. Go us.

I am happy to report that since the first day Blake has remembered how to hold writing utensils.
One hour after school ended I ran away to my parents house for the night. I turned 29 years old while I was there. I went shopping for clothes for my expanding waist line, came home and celebrated with Chinese food, chocolate chip cookie cake and soccer practice. It was a great birthday.

Next post, on having three boys.
LoLo post coming soon too.
As soon as he lets me take some pictures of him.
Little Boo Boo Butt.


long day

Today was a long day.
For a lot of reasons.
Long hard days make you grateful for what you have.
Even if your two year old won't stop crying about every. single. thing.
And your 4 year old won't stop jumping off the couch no matter how many times you tell him to cut it out before he breaks a limb.
We are lucky.
Today was supposed to be a Logan update.
It's coming.
I didn't forget you Boo.

Tomorrow Blakey is back to school.
(Insert Hallelujah choir)


Soccer Star

I am so tired. But I couldn't go to bed without posting these pictures. Tonight Blake started soccer. We got a call on Saturday that he would be on the orange team. He was a little bummed at first because he wanted the blue team but he got over it quick. Blue team for football, orange team for soccer.

Anyway he did great.
I loved watching him.

Blake and his school buddy. 
How cute are these kids???

check out this soccer move!

and his very own cheering section.... kinda

Tomorrow, all Logan.


new project.

I just finished The Happiness Project.
I loved it.
I took notes.
Not just on the book but on things I need to reflect on personally.
It was pretty eye opening.
I am going to try and start some sort of project of my own.
Reading a book by someone who had so much success before she even started her project made me realize how much work I have to do.
Some areas I plan on focusing:

-Lightening up
-Keeping a morning and evening schedule
-Following through
-Keeping a work schedule
-Accepting things I can't change
-Enjoying my only life now
-My way is not for everyone
-Understanding who I am and embracing that person, "You can choose what you do, you can't choose what you like to do"

There is so much more but this list is where I will start. I am going to ask myself the questions I wrote down while reading The Happiness Project in addition to all the suggested questions.



September is my favorite month.
It is going to be wonderful. I can feel it.
We have so many special things to look forward to.
I cant wait.

A quick run down:

1. Abby is coming. So soon. Like maybe tomorrow (a baby due on Labor Day. Only my cousin Danielle is anal and amazing enough to pull that off)

2. Blake heads back to preschool. We had a play date with some school friends over the weekend and it went great. Playing with friends makes him want to head back to school. He has been asking everyday.

3. I'll be 29 years old on the 13th. 29. Time is going fast and I have some really lofty goals for my 29th year.

4. 14th= Baby gender reveal. This is huge for me this time around. I feel like both other times I knew I would be having boys. This time I just don't know. Things haven't been so different this pregnancy but I do notice some changes vs. the last two times. Either way I am excited for this new (and final) addition to our family. We have been talking names and I think we have some good ones on our lists.

5. Reading The Happiness Project. I can't get enough of this book. I started it today and already feel so much better about everything. I'm reading a library copy but I will purchasing one of my own soon. There is so much I want to remember and highlight and underline and make note of. I don't think this book could have came into my life at a better time.

There is more. More I want to write about on all these special things and days and the posts are coming. Because one of my September goals is to blog more.

ahhhhh September. You make me so happy.