So we are going to round out our family with another boy.

The entire pregnancy leading up to September 14th I was kind of clueless as to what we we would be having. When I was pregnant with both Blake and Logan I had a feeling that they were boys.
I just wasn't really feeling either way this time around.

The first 20 weeks of my pregnancy I had thought it would be nice to have a girl. Pink and purple would have been a nice change, cheerleading and gymnastics would have been cool. But more than all that I always wanted to have a relationship with my daughter like the one I have with my mom.

But who says I can't?

I have one sister. I never saw or paid attention to any mother/son relationships. We didn't have any of that going on. But you know where I do have that going on? Right here. With these two little guys. Who, not to toot my own horn, adore their mother. Boys love their moms. They take care of their moms. My dad and uncle sure did.

So would I be lying if I didn't take a second after I found out this baby was a boy and reflect on the fact that I would never have a daughter? Yes I would. But am I totally okay with this baby being a boy? I sure am. In fact, now that I know it to be true, I am so excited. I can't wait to see the relationship these boys will all have. I can't wait to get all my baby boy clothes out for another round. I don't want to rush the next 4 more months but I can't wait to see what he will look like and hold him and give him a million kisses.

But for now... These two all day.....

All day.


  1. Congrats, how exciting!! welcome to the club dear :) Boys are great and I totally agree they take care of and love on their mama's!!

  2. :)

    You really are the cutest thing ever! Awesome post!

  3. delightful article

    just a bit concerned about the new name of the blog. dont want you to change it without notifying me- in fear of ending up in spam. :)