Last week

Last week was busy. We had school and soccer and baby appointments and traveling for work and a birthday and speech and........
It was just a lot.
Soccer started last Monday. You saw the pictures. Blake is Team Orange. He loves soccer. Every night when it's over he tells me how much fun he had. Saturday is his first game. Two ten minute halves and a five minute intermission.

A little refresher....

Wednesday school started. We had our usual photo shoot. I have to say that while these pictures present a happy morning... It just really wasn't. I made lets go back to school with a special breakfast muffins and neither of my kids wanted to eat them. While I was getting dressed to bring Blake to school the boys wouldn't stop fighting and then hitting and then kicking and then crying, which ended with me screaming. Nothing says back to school like two kids fighting over a Buzz Light Year doll and a Roku remote.

And that was before school even started.
Parents had to stay the first day and do a scavenger hunt to help get their kids reacquainted with the classroom.
It started out okay. Make a first day of school picture frame, go the gym room and do some somersaults, find the teachers and get a sticker.
Then Blakey got bored. He wanted to go back to the gym room. He forgot how to draw a circle and how to hold a crayon. I felt like all the kids around him were contemplating quantum physics while Blake was holding his crayon with his teeth. It was a mess.
Oh, and we managed to break a brand new puzzle. Go us.

I am happy to report that since the first day Blake has remembered how to hold writing utensils.
One hour after school ended I ran away to my parents house for the night. I turned 29 years old while I was there. I went shopping for clothes for my expanding waist line, came home and celebrated with Chinese food, chocolate chip cookie cake and soccer practice. It was a great birthday.

Next post, on having three boys.
LoLo post coming soon too.
As soon as he lets me take some pictures of him.
Little Boo Boo Butt.

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