September is my favorite month.
It is going to be wonderful. I can feel it.
We have so many special things to look forward to.
I cant wait.

A quick run down:

1. Abby is coming. So soon. Like maybe tomorrow (a baby due on Labor Day. Only my cousin Danielle is anal and amazing enough to pull that off)

2. Blake heads back to preschool. We had a play date with some school friends over the weekend and it went great. Playing with friends makes him want to head back to school. He has been asking everyday.

3. I'll be 29 years old on the 13th. 29. Time is going fast and I have some really lofty goals for my 29th year.

4. 14th= Baby gender reveal. This is huge for me this time around. I feel like both other times I knew I would be having boys. This time I just don't know. Things haven't been so different this pregnancy but I do notice some changes vs. the last two times. Either way I am excited for this new (and final) addition to our family. We have been talking names and I think we have some good ones on our lists.

5. Reading The Happiness Project. I can't get enough of this book. I started it today and already feel so much better about everything. I'm reading a library copy but I will purchasing one of my own soon. There is so much I want to remember and highlight and underline and make note of. I don't think this book could have came into my life at a better time.

There is more. More I want to write about on all these special things and days and the posts are coming. Because one of my September goals is to blog more.

ahhhhh September. You make me so happy.

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