Things have been crazy lately.
I'm constantly being reminded that in 3 months we will be a family of 5.
For example, Halloween is next week. Which means next week is November.
November means Thanksgiving which means Black Friday which means Christmas.
Which means new year, which means new baby. That's how my calendar goes anyway.

Michael was on dad duty on Tuesday night and Wednesday as I was out of town on business,
(doesn't that sound fancy? Really I just had two meetings and it was easier if I stayed at my parent's house).
While I was gone all sorts of fun things went on here.

Like playing in the abundance of leaves in the yard:

And star days:

I love how impressed his teacher looks with his show and tell throwing skills.
(Laura- he picked Winston lol)

Then I came home and we carved jack o lanterns. Lo was disgusted with the idea of putting his hands in a slimy pumpkin. He would have none of it and opted for the sticker covered pumpkin option instead. 

Thank god for pants with those elastic straps and buttons inside. Blake is a toothpick.
Anyway, Michael rewarded his on his own for a night efforts with a 6 pack of cherry wheat. 
Then paid for it dearly the next day.
It's okay big guy. 
We still love you.



oh, hey!
it's 6 am and i have been up for an hour and a half.
blake walked into our bedroom at 4:15 saying,
"hey mom, I know what we are going to do for thanksgiving!!" (what? i know!)
then michael tried to put him back in his bed.
judging by the fact that I am awake right now, drinking coffee, and blogging, and michael and blake are sleeping in our bed, he was unsuccessful in his efforts.
i laid in bed for about 15 minutes thinking about how from now on i am keeping a pillow and blanket on the floor next to my bed. next time we have a 4 am visitor, i will have a place to direct them.
then i decided i was really uncomfortable and got up.
over the past few weeks anytime I am woken up after 4 am, i am up for the day.
this kid is lucky i love him.

other pregnancy/baby stuff?
my back hurts much more this time around then my last two pregnancies.
i have been eating an estimated 4 bananas a day. i really really hate leg cramps.
speaking of legs, mine are transforming into tree trunks and my hips are definitely expanding.
i have my glucose test on november 1st, my next doctor appointment is november 9th
and then our appointments get bumped to every other week.
i have been pinning on my baby hunter pinterest board daily. check that out right here.
some of my favorites?

6:42 and it's still quiet here.
that was actually a pretty relaxing few hours.
oh, and i quit capital letters.



Logan, This morning.

(Insert Logan thought bubbles)
  My Mom is going to kill me..... 

 Never mind she took her camera out.. 
She must think this is cute.
I'm good.

 Here Mama, for being such a good sport...

Just kidding.




"Ooooh baby things are changing now........"

New baby,
You mean a new blog name.
You have to. It just wouldn't be fair.
I'm thinking about it.
It has to reflect everything.

Mostly me though.

It's coming soon.
You and a new blog name.
Way more excited for you, though.
See you in 3.5.

Love you.



We bought Halloween costumes a month ago.
Blake was not going to be anything but the red power ranger.
Believe me I tried.
It's okay though because it has muscles.
Boy costumes with muscles are hilarious.
I picked out the cutest Hulk costume for Logan.
He has a serious temper and I in fact, do not like him when he is angry.
So it was a perfect fit.
Until it was time to try them on.
All he wanted was to be a freaking red ranger.
Our conversation went like this
Me: "LoLo, wanna wake Daddy up wearing your Halloween costume."
Lo:  "No. No.No.No.No.No" Attempts to rip Blake's mask off his face.
Me: "Look Lo you have a mask too, a comfy one with hair"
Lo: "Nooooooooo." Tries Blake's mask on and refuses to take it off.
Me: "You want to be a power ranger, huh?"

Logan doesn't say much, but he has this amazing way of letting you know how shit is not going down.
Like a Hulk costume.
So we went to Target and we searched for a power ranger costume in his size.

Now we have two power rangers.
Blake was bummed his costume didn't come with what I can only describe as the "shoulder pads" of the black ranger.
But according to him the red ranger is in charge, so it doesn't matter.
(Side note: power rangers has been banned from our house for some time now... It was the result of way to many time outs if you know what I'm saying.... Hiiiii Yahhhhhh)
Logan's mask is two sizes to big for him. The muscles in his shoulders and neck push the mask up his face past his eyes.
But he has a mask and all is right with the world.


Truth time

Le sigh.

Let us discuss this baby situation, shall we?
Currently I am 23 weeks pregnant. That is roughly 5 1/2 months.
I have a doctor appointment tomorrow.
I wore my first pair of maternity pants yesterday.
I am up 20 lbs.
10 lbs this month alone.
I am not even kidding.
I have gained 10 lbs since finding out this baby was a boy.
I feel like I have known he was a boy for like 3 months now.
When really we only found out on 9/14.

My thoughts?
First, I am clearly not excited that I have gained 10 lbs in 30 days.
Who the hell does that?
While I have no plans on dieting during my pregnancy, I do know that there are some things that I was doing in the beginning of my pregnancy that I have been seriously slacking on.
Like drinking water.
I have just not been paying attention to what I am eating.
So I am going to start being a little more conscious.
Remember how I gained 60 lbs my last two pregnancies?
Well, I am thinking that with only 3 1/2 months left it should be pretty difficult to gain 40 lbs.
Difficult but surely not impossible. (I am only writing that on the off chance that I manage to do it).

In the end the most important thing is that come February (or mid to end January) we have a healthy baby boy.
A few important things down on that list though is that I get all the baby weight off and am back to my regular size by May at the latest.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow. Ill give you an update and a couple pictures then.

In the meantime I would like to introduce you all to baby boy #3

Hunter Ash Porter


Logan Joel.

This post has been a long time coming.

It is no easy task getting pictures of this kid. He is either in the mood or he's not... and if he's not then seriously, don't bother.

Logan likes what he likes and if he doesn't like something than please don't bother a second time.
He has already made it clear that he does. not. like. it.

Current likes: Toy Story (it's actually a serious obsession), Curious George, cheese sticks, peanut butter, dancing, books, sharing a room with his brother (more on this later), his silky blankets, McDonald's, writing in pen, Roku remotes.

Current Dislikes: Being told no or that he has to wait (leads to spit, and  that's all I'm going to say about that), condiments, socks, when Blake and I leave for school (major meltdown), giving kisses, anything I cook for dinner.

He is something special. Yesterday I went downstairs and he was browsing the foreign film category on Netflix. He might be the president one day. He is driven and stubborn and doesn't really take no for an answer. He does this thing where when you least expect it he sneaks up next to you with his silky and his binky and his sippy and climbs right in your lap and cuddles up just right.
I love when he does that.

Before I got pregnant with baby #3 I thought a lot about how it would affect Logan. He has held the baby position for awhile now. I worried about him being the middle boy and what that would look like for him. Sometimes I still worry, but I know he will be fine. I think it is smart to always be cognisant of what could happen and what I don't want to happen. Because then it won't. My worries about having three kids comes mostly from not having two siblings. I don't personally know what it is like.
But look at this face.... There is nothing to worry about.

Love you always Boo Boo. To infinity and beyond!