We bought Halloween costumes a month ago.
Blake was not going to be anything but the red power ranger.
Believe me I tried.
It's okay though because it has muscles.
Boy costumes with muscles are hilarious.
I picked out the cutest Hulk costume for Logan.
He has a serious temper and I in fact, do not like him when he is angry.
So it was a perfect fit.
Until it was time to try them on.
All he wanted was to be a freaking red ranger.
Our conversation went like this
Me: "LoLo, wanna wake Daddy up wearing your Halloween costume."
Lo:  "No. No.No.No.No.No" Attempts to rip Blake's mask off his face.
Me: "Look Lo you have a mask too, a comfy one with hair"
Lo: "Nooooooooo." Tries Blake's mask on and refuses to take it off.
Me: "You want to be a power ranger, huh?"

Logan doesn't say much, but he has this amazing way of letting you know how shit is not going down.
Like a Hulk costume.
So we went to Target and we searched for a power ranger costume in his size.

Now we have two power rangers.
Blake was bummed his costume didn't come with what I can only describe as the "shoulder pads" of the black ranger.
But according to him the red ranger is in charge, so it doesn't matter.
(Side note: power rangers has been banned from our house for some time now... It was the result of way to many time outs if you know what I'm saying.... Hiiiii Yahhhhhh)
Logan's mask is two sizes to big for him. The muscles in his shoulders and neck push the mask up his face past his eyes.
But he has a mask and all is right with the world.


  1. i love the mini "six packs" on those costumes! now if only bathing suits could come with those built in :)

  2. maybe hunter will be the green hulk (as a true contrast to his perfect personality obviously).