oh, hey!
it's 6 am and i have been up for an hour and a half.
blake walked into our bedroom at 4:15 saying,
"hey mom, I know what we are going to do for thanksgiving!!" (what? i know!)
then michael tried to put him back in his bed.
judging by the fact that I am awake right now, drinking coffee, and blogging, and michael and blake are sleeping in our bed, he was unsuccessful in his efforts.
i laid in bed for about 15 minutes thinking about how from now on i am keeping a pillow and blanket on the floor next to my bed. next time we have a 4 am visitor, i will have a place to direct them.
then i decided i was really uncomfortable and got up.
over the past few weeks anytime I am woken up after 4 am, i am up for the day.
this kid is lucky i love him.

other pregnancy/baby stuff?
my back hurts much more this time around then my last two pregnancies.
i have been eating an estimated 4 bananas a day. i really really hate leg cramps.
speaking of legs, mine are transforming into tree trunks and my hips are definitely expanding.
i have my glucose test on november 1st, my next doctor appointment is november 9th
and then our appointments get bumped to every other week.
i have been pinning on my baby hunter pinterest board daily. check that out right here.
some of my favorites?

6:42 and it's still quiet here.
that was actually a pretty relaxing few hours.
oh, and i quit capital letters.

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