Tomorrow is December.
Where did this year go?
I went through Christmas pictures from last year and can't believe how old the boys are now.
Meh. Hate it.
And also, kind of love it.

We made Christmas cookies today.

he looks so old in this picture... I can't even....

Logan gets scared when he sits on the counter alone....That's my serial killer face.
Notice all those bananas....


Logan smashed his head this morning on the wall, running around upstairs. After I told him to stop running upstairs about 10 times.
Kids these days.

See? Little unicorn.

He also may have had some chocolate chips while we were decorating cookies...

Tomorrow we are writing letters to, and drawing pictures for Santa.
Last years letter and pictures found here.



Trying to get a Christmas card picture with these two clowns is proving to be very very difficult. The other night I got them all tubbed up, into Christmas jammies and tried to get one good picture. Just one.

and to sum it up....

Round two... Tonight.


We got a tree

Thanksgiving was good.
I ate everything and skipped shopping.
I didn't take one picture.

Anyway, we were home Sunday for about 30 minutes before we decided that getting a tree and decorating it had to be done right away.
Every year we go to the same place to get a tree. We realize as soon as we get out of the car that it is about 10 degrees colder at Covell's than at our house and it immediately puts Michael in a mood. We stand in the freezing cold, get a lesson on spruce trees vs. pine trees, that we shiver our way through and walk away having no idea the difference. We search for a tree for about 10 minutes, a kid trips over a tree stump, and then we pick a tree half out of frustration, half out of desperation for the whole ordeal to be over.

It is magical.

I need to work on my picture taking skills....

We got home, watched the Giants, got out the Christmas decorations and finally decorated the tree. I let the boys help me for about 10 minutes before I almost lost my mind. You can only say "don't touch that", "you are going to break that" or,"put that down before I throw this tree right off the deck" so many times before you throw your hands in the air and decide to wait until they are sleeping to finish the job.
Then you step back and realize that your kids probably could have done a better job, cause your tree is a hot mess.

Blake really wanted to put the star on the tree this year, so we let him before he went to bed. It sounded something like this "Ow ow ow....This tree is spikey. Hurting hurting". Then he quit, the boys went to bed, and Michael put it up.

Our new "star/snowflake"ornament
Logan with his favorite ornament, a gift from Elijah a few years ago
Attempting to top the tree

And Voila! The finished product c/o Instagram

and it's not even December.



Yesterday I entered my third trimester. Only 12 weeks to go until we meet our new baby, and our family is complete. According to babycenter.com I should gain about 11 pounds this trimester. Truth? I am up 30lbs already. I thought I would care more, but I really don't. I am going to enjoy these last three months. There is always a reason to eat. Thanksgiving? A holiday that is essentially about eating until you feel like you are going to explode and then sleeping it off... I'm all over it.

For the most part this pregnancy has been much like the others from what I remember. I haven't craved ice cream like for Blake and I'm not drinking a gallon of milk a day like I did for Logan. I have been eating my weight in bananas. I am essentially a gorilla. I am eating them not only because I love a banana, but also because I seriously fear the leg cramps. In my opinion, leg cramps are a highly underrated side effect of pregnancy. No one warns you that you will wake from a deep sleep feeling like someone is repeatedly stabbing you in your calf. That you will leap out of bed, bat out of hell style, yelling and/or crying, and rubbing your leg like a genie bottle. They are seriously the worst.
Lucky for me, I haven't had one yet. But I am pretty sure the fear of them has kept me up at night.

And for all that, I will expect my first intense leg cramp tonight.

So the picture that you see of me to the right was taken the first weekend of November. I took some new pictures today. I have to say that I do not think Navajo print is flattering on me, but since I didn't get dressed until 2PM today, I was not about to waste a good shirt (you know how that goes).

I know I have a little bit of old crazy eye going on in these pictures and my man hands are out in full effect...

But it's really all about the belly right?


new blog, kinda.

So my blog has a new look and a new name.

I feel like for the past few months my blog has been nothing but my kids.
Don't get me wrong, they are great. They are great when they aren't screaming at each other or punching each other and when they aren't ignoring me, or telling me "duh". Lately they have been great when I can hang with one of them at a time orrrr when they are sleeping. But both of them together, holy shit.
Seriously, I have no words.

And I know what you are thinking.. And she is having another one? Yes, yes I am. And it will be just fine. Half of the problem is my hormones... and my patience.

Anyway, I don't want this blog to just be about my kids. I want it to be about me. It is my blog after all. Of course my kids are a huge part of me but they aren't everything. I want to write about awesome things I find and things I do, about my friends and my weight loss (Right after my weight gain of course). I want to write about whatever I feel like. Whatever. And if that means sometimes you get done reading a post and are all, what is going on on this blog today? Good. I don't want people to think all I do is follow my kids around with a camera. Cause I totally don't.

So that is where the name change came from.
I also have a new background/template. I love it.

Okay, that is it for now.
Maybe I'll write a life update tonight once the animals are resting comfortably in their cages.



was a complete success!!!
with a 2 and a 4 year old, you just never know.
yesterday morning blake woke me up saying "good morning mom! its halloween!"
we had costumes on by 730 and logan had his off at 750.
blake had a halloween parade at school.
it went a little something like this...

lo pre-parade
blake showing off his sword for the class (power rangers meets star wars?)
stopping to entertain his mom for a picture
with lo
group shot
later that night we went trick or treating and..... they both loved it! logan went up to every house and said ''trick or treat'' and ''thank you''. once he realized trick or treating was all about candy, he was all in. blake was a perfect gentlemen, as he went trick or treating with 4 little ladies. of course i forgot to get a group photo :(

on to november!