Yesterday I entered my third trimester. Only 12 weeks to go until we meet our new baby, and our family is complete. According to babycenter.com I should gain about 11 pounds this trimester. Truth? I am up 30lbs already. I thought I would care more, but I really don't. I am going to enjoy these last three months. There is always a reason to eat. Thanksgiving? A holiday that is essentially about eating until you feel like you are going to explode and then sleeping it off... I'm all over it.

For the most part this pregnancy has been much like the others from what I remember. I haven't craved ice cream like for Blake and I'm not drinking a gallon of milk a day like I did for Logan. I have been eating my weight in bananas. I am essentially a gorilla. I am eating them not only because I love a banana, but also because I seriously fear the leg cramps. In my opinion, leg cramps are a highly underrated side effect of pregnancy. No one warns you that you will wake from a deep sleep feeling like someone is repeatedly stabbing you in your calf. That you will leap out of bed, bat out of hell style, yelling and/or crying, and rubbing your leg like a genie bottle. They are seriously the worst.
Lucky for me, I haven't had one yet. But I am pretty sure the fear of them has kept me up at night.

And for all that, I will expect my first intense leg cramp tonight.

So the picture that you see of me to the right was taken the first weekend of November. I took some new pictures today. I have to say that I do not think Navajo print is flattering on me, but since I didn't get dressed until 2PM today, I was not about to waste a good shirt (you know how that goes).

I know I have a little bit of old crazy eye going on in these pictures and my man hands are out in full effect...

But it's really all about the belly right?

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  1. Ash- you look adorable!!! Cant wait to see you next week! xo