was a complete success!!!
with a 2 and a 4 year old, you just never know.
yesterday morning blake woke me up saying "good morning mom! its halloween!"
we had costumes on by 730 and logan had his off at 750.
blake had a halloween parade at school.
it went a little something like this...

lo pre-parade
blake showing off his sword for the class (power rangers meets star wars?)
stopping to entertain his mom for a picture
with lo
group shot
later that night we went trick or treating and..... they both loved it! logan went up to every house and said ''trick or treat'' and ''thank you''. once he realized trick or treating was all about candy, he was all in. blake was a perfect gentlemen, as he went trick or treating with 4 little ladies. of course i forgot to get a group photo :(

on to november!


  1. Look at them! So cute. We finally had a successful Halloween too.

  2. SO cute! Lo's so emo and I love it! and blake I wish he took me trick or treating too :)

  3. ash, you know im a fan fav of S & S. however you may loose business if the UN blog is not featured on your "fav blogs" tab over on the right.

    keeping it funky.

    God is love. Rev. Run.