We got a tree

Thanksgiving was good.
I ate everything and skipped shopping.
I didn't take one picture.

Anyway, we were home Sunday for about 30 minutes before we decided that getting a tree and decorating it had to be done right away.
Every year we go to the same place to get a tree. We realize as soon as we get out of the car that it is about 10 degrees colder at Covell's than at our house and it immediately puts Michael in a mood. We stand in the freezing cold, get a lesson on spruce trees vs. pine trees, that we shiver our way through and walk away having no idea the difference. We search for a tree for about 10 minutes, a kid trips over a tree stump, and then we pick a tree half out of frustration, half out of desperation for the whole ordeal to be over.

It is magical.

I need to work on my picture taking skills....

We got home, watched the Giants, got out the Christmas decorations and finally decorated the tree. I let the boys help me for about 10 minutes before I almost lost my mind. You can only say "don't touch that", "you are going to break that" or,"put that down before I throw this tree right off the deck" so many times before you throw your hands in the air and decide to wait until they are sleeping to finish the job.
Then you step back and realize that your kids probably could have done a better job, cause your tree is a hot mess.

Blake really wanted to put the star on the tree this year, so we let him before he went to bed. It sounded something like this "Ow ow ow....This tree is spikey. Hurting hurting". Then he quit, the boys went to bed, and Michael put it up.

Our new "star/snowflake"ornament
Logan with his favorite ornament, a gift from Elijah a few years ago
Attempting to top the tree

And Voila! The finished product c/o Instagram

and it's not even December.

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